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Student Academic Performance and Evaluation Report (SAPER)

It is the Progress Report which highlights the performance of student in the various Periodic Tests conducted at Resonance during his / her preparation.
The institute after declaration of results of the tests accumulates the marks of an individual student in all these tests. They are then analyzed on various parameters and report of the analysis is printed on SAPER. This makes SAPER a very important indication of the ward's progress towards the desired target and both student as well as parents gets a fair idea about the performance.

How to read the Ward's SAPER?

1. First and foremost the most important thing to be seen in the SAPER is the percentage score of the student in Cumulative Tests (CTs).This depicts the entire story about the student's preparation till that particular test. We recommend that Percentage Marks should always be given the priority over the Rank.
2. The marks scored by the student should be compared against the Highest Marks mentioned over there. This shall give you a fair idea about the scope of improvement which needs to be done.
3. The difference in Marks (if any) should be then analyzed and the reasons for the difference in marks should be then given a thought. It is always better to write down the reasons on paper and file the paper. The reasons can be academic, psychological or lack of time management skills etc.

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