Topper's Speak : KVPY

AIR – 8 (Rajasthan State Topper), SA Stream – Class XI

"Resonance faculty motivates and supports the students to appear in different competitive examinations other than JEE. I would like to thank the faculty involved in framing the KVPY curriculum and for taking all the efforts in turning my dreams into reality. Resonance really infused a lot of confidence for succeeding in all the competitive exams."

Yash Jain
AIR - 17 (Karnataka State Topper), SA Stream – Class XI

"The journey at Resonance was wonderful. Through the supportive guidance of faculties, I successfully wrote this examination. After the regular class hours, faculty members were ready to give their valuable time to clear out all my doubts. For future KVPY aspirants, I would like to say that just mugging up the things won't help, try to understand. Use logic and understanding of basic concept for everything you do."

Ninad Huilgol
AIR - 26 (Odisha State Topper), SA Stream – Class XI

"It was a great journey in Resonance. Sincere efforts and hard work finally bore a great result. Every teacher here helped us to solve our difficulty & gave us the right direction. I am very thankful to every teacher for their support. The teaching methodology and the last minute tips helped us to improve much & gain more experience. The competitive environment forced us to study more deeply into the subjects. I again thank every teacher & staff of Resonance.”

Anubhav Satpathy
AIR – 5, SX Stream

"My selection in KVPY is the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. I really appreciate for the curriculum designed by Resonance which was upto the par. Resonance helped me in planning and magnifying my confidence for all the competitive exams. The unique teaching methodology of Resonance has always been my guiding light."

Surya Dwivedi
AIR – 33, SA Stream

"In Resonance I got a kind of environment which ensured my success. The teachers here were my inspiration. I was given plenty of opportunities to strengthen my subject knowledge. In Resonance, I was taught to invest in books, morality, intellectualism and wisdom, which helped me in achieving all my dreams."

Utkarsh Gupta
AIR – 42, SA Stream

"Achieving the goals has always been the only moral purpose of my life. I strongly feel that my teachers have always inspired him, ignited the imagination and instilled the love of learning in me. I achieved my dreams under the able guidance of dedicated and cooperative teachers of Resonance. Resonance helped me in planning and boosting confidence for all the competitive exams."

Anmol Gautam
AIR – 1, SA Stream (2013)

"My experience with the teachers at Resonance deeply motivated me. Their dedication, in depth knowledge, the inspiring stories of other students and the honest care inspired me to work very hard and improve himself. Though, I was very sure about my selection in KVPY, but it is indeed also the result of my teachers’ efforts and the correct curriculum."

Bhavya Chaudhary
AIR – 2, SA Stream (2012)

"I was always satisfied with the teaching pattern of Resonance. The faculty members assured me that I can contact them at any hour of the day. They always induced confidence in me. The overall environment of Resonance was exceedingly good. The study material provided was upto the par."

Aniket Bajpai
AIR - 1, SA Stream (2011)

"I was deeply motivated by the efforts taken by teachers at Resonance, who constantly endeavour wisdom and knowledge in students. The faculty at Resonance, the study material and every other thing is at the perfect level and ensures a student's success. They always inspired me to work harder and gave my best shot."

Yash Gupta
AIR 410, IIT-JEE 2010 Electrical (Dual Degree), IIT Delhi

"Resonance faculty motivates the students to appear in different competitive examinations other than IIT-JEE. With RKV sir’s guidance, I attempted for the KVPY examination and got selected. Resonance’s KVPY material also supported me immensely and allowed me to make my attempt with full confidence ."

Nijit Sharma
AIR 614, IIT-JEE 2010 B.Tech, Mechanical, Engineering, IIT Kanpur

"I want to give the full credit of my selection to the Resonance faculty members. I didn’t have any idea about this examination before but through the supportive guidance of faculties, I successfully wrote this examination. After the regular class hours, faculty gave me their extra time and helped me out with all doubts. I also want to say that the workshop which was conducted for the final stage i.e. interview round was also very helpful as I came to know how to face such interviews."

Umang Gupta