Resonance Students International Medals, Top Ranks, World Record, Scholarship & Selection Success Stories since 2001

Resonance kota and Study Center Students Selections, Achievements since 2001

Every part of the Resonance system - be it the Academia, Student-Faculty Relation, Performance Monitoring, Orientation, Curriculum execution or other relevant areas - follow a set of do's and don'ts along with target-based goals. This ensures that every student at Resonance experiences uniform attention and interaction with each faculty member along with the setting of their individual goals and achievement.

A team of India's finest 1000+ faculty members are at the core of the Resonance experience. Many of our faculty members are IITians/ NITians for Pre-Engineering Division or Doctors from the top Medical Colleges of India for Medical Division; Most of our faculty members are CAs/CS/MBAs/Law Graduates for CLPD. Faculty Training & Development Programs are conducted frequently to sharpen, add and improve the delivery mechanism of our faculty.

The hard work put in behind every individual student and the passion of the entire Resonance team to see their students succeed in life in truly unmatched. As they say Trust is a successor of the test and this trust of students & parents in Resonance is evident through the growing enrollments year after year. In fact, we are proud of guiding lakhs of students through our various available programs from 2001.

Resonance is a success story which started with a small team of around 10 members. That team has steadily grown and is becoming stronger with every passing year. Covering all the streams of higher education, Resonance has a vast pool of Technocrats, Engineers, Doctors, CAs, CSs, MBAs & Other professionals. The organization is trusted for its commitment to always put the interests of the students first and the entire team under the able leadership of RKV Sir leaves no stone unturned for providing benchmark services to students & parents.

Results :-

  1. 51216 (CCP: 34593| DLP + eLP: 16623) Students selected in IIT-JEE (Now called as JEE-Advanced) so far since 2002.
  2. 161458 (CCP: 98085 | DLP + eLP: 38856) Students selected in AIEEE (Now called as JEE-Main) since 2003.
  3. 494 (CCP: 163 | DLP + eLP: 218) Students selected in AIIMS (All are from Classroom Program) so far since 2012.
  4. 20329 (CCP: 13545 | DLP + eLP: 6784) Students selected in NEET so far since 2012.
  5. 1721 NTSE Scholars, 1734 KVPY Fellowship winners, 43 Medalists with 10 Gold Medals in International Olympiads since 2006.
  6. 1667 Selections in CA (Till 2017), 1009 Selections in CS (Till 2017), 22 Selections in CLAT (Till 2017).


  1. 12483 Classroom Students of Resonance Qualified from JEE (Main) to JEE Advanced 2019, which was the Highest Classroom Selections from any Institute of India.
  2. Highest Girl Selections & Highest Hindi Medium Selections in JEE (Main) 2019.
  3. RESONites won 1 Silver & 2 Bronze Medals in IESO 2018.
  4. RESONites won 1 Bronze Medal in IMO 2019.
  5. Highest Girl Selections & Highest Hindi Medium Selections in JEE Advanced 2019.
  6. A total of 5162 students of Resonance qualified in JEE Advanced2019.
  7. Total 3830 students of Resonance Selected in NEET 2019.
  8. RESONite Shadab Hussain Secured AIR-1 in CA Final 2018 November Attempt.
  9. RESONite Yogita Daswani Secured AIR-1 in CS-Foundation 2019 June Attempt.


  1. Conducted 4th International Yoga Day at Kota in the presence of International Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev. In the event, Resonance collaborated with Patanjali Yogpeeth and was a Major Sponsor of the event. Also played an important role in creating the Guinness World Record of The largest Yoga lesson in the World.
  2. Resonance's Pawan Goyal secured AIR-4 in JEE (Advanced) 2018.
  3. Pawan also secured AIR-6 in JEE (Main) 2018 with Highest Marks (350/360), this is the second time when a student of Resonance secured highest marks in JEE Main.
  4. RESONite won 1 Silver Medal in IESO 2018.
  5. Pawan secured a Gold Medal in IPhO 2018 with AIR-1.


  1. Resonance?s student Kalpit Veerwal created history by achieving the perfect score (360/360) in JEE Main 2017 and got the name registered in Limca Book of Records. He secured AIR: 1 (Both in Gen. and SC Category) in JEE (Main) 2017.
  2. A new building was dedicated to PCCP and Pre- Medical Division.
  3. Sankeerth S. of Classroom Program got AIR-4 in NEET 2017, which is the first top-10 Rank from ResoBASE.
  6. 6241 Selections in JEE Advanced 2016-17 (Classroom-4095, DLP+ELP-2146).
  7. 24519 Students Selections from Jee Main 2017 (Classroom-17800, DLP+ELP-6719).
  8. 2975 Students Selections from NEET 2017 (Classroom-1724, DLP+ELP-1251).
  9. 142 Students selected in AIIMS 2017 (Classroom-29, DLP+ELP-113).
  10. 171 students selected in NTSE 2017 (Classroom-129, DLP+ELP-42).
  11. 396 students selected in KVPY 2017 (Classroom-168, DLP+ELP-228).
  12. IESO 2017 The only student from Rajasthan "Raghav Sharma" (class X) has been selected for the final round of "International Earth Science Olympiad" (IESO) 2017.
  13. Student "Swaraj Nandi" qualified for IJSO - (Stage-3). He is from classroom student of Resonance Bhubaneshwar Study center.
  14. Resonance student Sajal Vaishnav has been selected for "Global Indian International School" (GIIS), Singapore. He will be awarded with 2 Year Scholarship by GSF worth S$90000, for studying at GIIS. He has been a regular classroom student of PCCP Division since class 8.


  2. 5111 Selections in JEE Advanced 2015-16 (Classroom-3554, DLP+ELP-1557).
  3. 28090 Students Selections from JEE Main 2016 (Classroom-20429, DLP+ELP-7661).
  4. 1787 Students Selections from NEET 2016 (Classroom-1155, DLP+ELP-632).
  5. 213 students selected in AIIMS 2016 (Classroom-32, DLP+ELP-181).
  6. 3 Students Won Gold Medals in IJSO (Yash Gupta, Pawan Goyal, Lay Jain)
  7. 113 students selected in NTSE 2016 (Classroom-81, DLP+ELP-32).
  8. PCCP Student Tushar Gautam of class X got selected for OCSC Camp of International Mathematics Olympiad.
  9. 3 Students got selected for IJSO-PDT (Stage-4). Yash Gupta secured 1st position, Pawan Goyal secured 2nd and Lay Jain secured 3rd position during OCSC.
  10. 2 Students Lay Jain & Yash Gupta of class IX got selected for OCSC Camp of International Astronomy Olympiad from Junior Category.
  11. 11 Students got Selected for Second Stage of International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) 2015 conducted by Geological Society of India.


  1. 4124 Selections in JEE Advanced 2014-15 (Classroom-2570, DLP+ELP-1554).
  2. 25542 Students Qualified from JEE Main 2015 to JEE Advanced 2015 (Classroom-18816, DLP+ELP-6726).
  3. 447 Students selected in AIPMT 2015 (Classroom-337, DLP+ELP-110).
  4. 35 students selected in AIIMS 2015 (Classroom-20, DLP+ELP-15).
  5. 104 Students got selected for NTSE Stage-2.(Class room-66, DLPD/ELPD-39).
  6. Yash Gupta got selected for A Star youth scholarship sponsered by Ministry of Education, Singapore.
  7. Lakshya Bhatnagar won Bronze Medal for India in International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) 2014 conducted by Geological Society of India in Spain.


  1. 4105 Selections in JEE Advanced 2013-14 (Classroom-2748, DLP+ELP-1357).
  2. 18069 Students Qualified from JEE Main 2014 to JEE Advanced 2014 (Classroom-13025, DLP+ELP-5044).
  3. 414 Students selected in AIPMT 2014 (Classroom-306, DLP+ELP-108).
  4. 16 students selected in AIIMS 2014 (All from Classroom).
  5. 153 selections in NTSE Stage-2 (Class room-91, DLPD/ELPD-62).
  6. Chinmay Talegaonkar selected for Stage-3, OCSC of 10 th IJSO in 2013.
  7. Bhavya Choudhary (Kota Centre) & Charles Ranjan (Bhopal Centre ) bagged 3 Gold Medal for IAO ( International Astronomy Olympiad)- Jr.Group-2013.
  8. Rohit Choudhary & Mohit Kherwa won Silver Medal for India in IESO-2013.
  9. 322 Students awarded with KVPY Fellowship Award in 2014 (Classroom-139, DLP+ELP-183).


  1. 3003 Selections in JEE Advanced 2012-13 (Classroom-1865, DLP+ELP-1138).
  2. 15240 Students Qualified from Jee Main 2013 to Jee Advanced 2013 (Classroom-10815, DLP+ELP-4425).
  3. 595 Students selected in AIPMT 2013 (Classroom-422, DLP+ELP-173).
  4. 10 students selected in AIIMS 2013 (All from Classroom).
  5. 177 Selections in NTSE Final Stage.(Class room-86, DLPD/ELPD-91).
  6. Ajay Shrivastav won silver medal & Gaurav Verma won Bronze Medal international Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) - 2012.
  7. Bhavya Chaudhary (Kota Centre) , Kushal Babal (Udaipur centre) and Charles Ranjan (Bhopal Centre ) won Silver Medal India in 9th International Junior Science Olympiad 2012 held at Tehran (Iran).
  8. 250 Students awarded with KVPY Fellowship Award in 2013 (Classroom-132, DLP+ELP-118).


  1. 3206 Selections in JEE Advanced 2011-12 (Classroom-2063, DLP+ELP-1143).
  2. 12078 Students Qualified in AIEEE 2012 (Classroom-8170, DLP+ELP-3908).
  3. 103 Students selected in AIPMT 2012 (Classroom-63, DLP+ELP-40).
  4. 5 students selected in AIIMS 2012 (All from Classroom).
  5. 189 Selections in NTSE Final Stage. (Class room-98, DLPD/ELPD-91).
  6. 3 Students Kaushal Jha, Parth Sharma & Shrishti Jain got selected for Stage-3, OCSC of IJSO.
  7. Archit Sharma, A student of PCCP (Station Center, Kota) got qualified for Stage-3, OCSC of International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO).
  8. 159 Students awarded with KVPY Fellowship Award in 2012 (Classroom-95, DLP+ELP-64).


  1. Resonance Classroom Students got All India Rank 2 & 5 in IIT-JEE 2011.
  2. 17 Students in Top-100 (Classroom: 13 | Distance: 4)
  3. Total 1813 Selection (Classroom: 1194 | Distance: 619)
  4. 203 Scholars in NTSE.
  5. 2 Students selected for Final Stage of 42nd International Physics Olympiad
  6. Launch of Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme (YCCP) for AIEEE & AIPMT
  7. YASH GUPTA - A student of the Resonance Udaipur Study Centre won the GOLD MEDAL in International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO-2010) held at Abuja, Nigeria
  8. Change of Tag line to 'Educating for better tomorrow'
  9. Launch of Live Video Learning Programmes in collaboration with HCL
  10. Launch of Ahmedabad and Patna Study Centre
  11. Launch of In-class Classroom Contact Programme (ICCP) at Visakhapatnam in collaboration with Vikas Vidya Niketan
  12. 15 JNV students out of 44 cracked IIT-JEE 2011 & 38 cracked AIEEE 2011, with Two Year Classroom Coaching from Resonance, at no financial cost
  13. 9283 selections in AIEEE 2011 (Classroom: 6488 | Distance Learning: 2795)
  14. Shubham Mehta won the GOLD MEDAL and Nisheeth Lahoti won SILVER MEDAL in International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2011


  1. 1652 selections in IIT-JEE 2010 (Classroom: 1078 | Distance Learning: 574).
  2. 14 Ranks in Top-100 with Top rank of 19.
  3. 189 Scholars in NTSE ( Class room-62, DLPD/ELPD-127).
  4. 3 students won a medal in International Junior Science Olympiad held at Azerbaijan.
  5. Student's enrollment in YCCPs crosses 17,000 (IIT-JEE).
  6. Launching of Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme (YCCP) for AIEEE exclusively for old Resonance students.
  7. Launch of Study Centers at Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Rajkot and Udaipur.
  8. Introduction of Class VII in PCCPs.
  9. Introduction of first In-school Classroom Contact Programme (ICCP) at Chandigarh.
  10. As part of Resonance CSR, introduction of free of cost In-school Classroom Contact Programme (ICCP) at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), Bundi
  11. 3 Students win silver medals in the final stage of International Jr. Science Olympiad held at Baku, Azerbaijan


  1. Anvit Singh Tawar of Classroom Program got AIR-9 in IIT-JEE 2009, which is first Top-10 Rank from Resonance. He also got 156/160 Marks in Maths, which was highest in the country.
  2. 177 Scholar in NTSE ((Class room-98, DLPD/ELPD-79).
  3. Student's enrollment in YCCPs crosses 14,000 (IIT-JEE).
  4. Launch of Study Centers at Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Mumbai and Nagpur.
  5. RESONites won 1 Silver Medal in IChO & 3 Silver Medals in IJSO 2009 held in London, UK.
  6. Introduction of Fast-track Classroom Contact Programme (FCCP) for IIT-JEE.


  1. 9 Ranks in Top 100 with Top Rank of 18.
  2. Students enrollment in YCCP crosses 10000 (IIT-JEE).
  3. 103 Scholars in the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) from class-VIII.
  4. Introduction of Unique Scholarship Programme (USP).
  5. Launch of Information Centers (IC) in Delhi, Lucknow, Indore, Chandigarh, Patna, Ranchi & Kolkata and Study Centre with YCCP in Bhopal.


  1. 6 Ranks in Top-100 in IIT-JEE and the Top Rank was AIR 14.
  2. Resonance started Pre-foundation Career Care Program (PCCP) for the students of Classes 8th -10th, which was later expanded to include classes 5th to 7th.
  3. 40 Scholars in NTSE from Class 8th.
  4. Launched Hindi-medium YCCPs for IIT-JEE.
  5. 2 Students from YCCP won Gold and Silver medals in International Physics Olympiad 2007 (IPhO), held in Iran.


  1. 710 Selections in IIT- JEE (From Classroom: 495 |From Distance Learning: 215).
  2. 8 Ranks in Top-100 in IIT- JEE from Classroom Program, that were AIR 28, AIR 36, AIR 49, AIR 69, AIR 73, AIR 84, AIR 85, AIR 95.
  3. Resonance starts its Distance Learning Program Division (DLPD).
  4. Launched our first study centre out of Kota in Jaipur.


  1. 355 Selections in IIT- JEE (From Classroom: 289 | From Distance Learning: 66).
  2. 2 Ranks in Top-100 in IIT-JEE, which were AIR 80 and AIR 82.
  3. ResoNET (Resonance National Entrance Test) was conducted across India for the very first time.


  1. 312 Selections in IIT-JEE (From Classroom: 277 | From Distance Learning: 35)
  2. 1 Rank in Top-100 in IIT-JEE, that was AIR 96.


  1. 170 Selections in IIT-JEE from Classroom Programme only.
  2. 2 Ranks in Top-100 in IIT-JEE, that were AIR 87 and AIR 100


  1. Resonance began its journey on 11th April 2001 from Kota, Rajasthan.
  2. Created ripples in Kota with 161 selection in IIT-JEE in its very first year.
  3. 2 Ranks in Top-100 in IIT-JEE, that were AIR 48 and AIR 69.