Core Team Members

R.K. Verma
Managing Director,
Head - Academics &
Sr. Faculty (Physics)

Qualification : B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering, IIT-Madras, 1990-1994)
Work Experience : 26 Years
With Resonance : Founder (Since 11th April, 2001)

He possesses infectious levels of enthusiasm, caring attitude, made for each other kind of feeling for education/teaching/ physics, a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of young/deprived people. Leading by example has been his foremost trait. But, it goes without saying that no man has been successful without real sweat, hard work and struggle. The story of his life has also been full of such struggles, which acts as a piece of inspiration for him, his team and lacs of students (past and current) countrywide/worldwide.

After teaching Physics at the most reputed coaching institute in Kota for 6 years he founded “Resonance” on 11th April, 2001 with the vision to make education/coaching (for admission into IITs) easily available, systematically arranged so that every student can and start and feel confident, easy language/approach to grasp even the toughest concepts. Apart from being a teacher, this journey made him the finest motivator and counsellor for students aspiring to get success in competitive examinations & in life thereafter. Every year converting the dreams of thousands of students, having limited means, into reality to become IITians/NITians/Doctors is the source of infinite energy for him.

Even after guiding approximately 10L students through various courses/modes/centres under Resonance flagship his passion to learn new things/methodologies to make the students successful is amazing and its helpful to keep resonance as one of the best choices for the students, faculty members /staff members and the toughest competitor for the other institutions. Taking students from root to fruit is his way of working and making them ordinary to extraordinary is his goal.

Lokesh Khandelwal (LK)
Senior Professor &
Head of Department (HoD) - Mathematics

Qualification : B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering, IIT-Kanpur, 1990-1994), CFA-PGDBA, IBS (AHMEDABAD)
Work Experience : 22+ Years
With Resonance : Co-founder

Securing AIR 228 in first attempt and after B.Tech from IIT-Kanpur, he worked for some time with global companies Infosys Technologies and ABB Ltd. In order to pursue his interest, he switched to the education sector working with some of the leading IIT-JEE coaching institutes at Kota and Delhi. As Co-founder of Resonance and leading Mathematics department from forefront he has helped many students to develop keen interest in the subject. He is regarded in high esteem by students for his sharp explanatory and analytical skills which are graspable with ease.

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Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi (SPR)
Executive President,
Executive Academic Head &
Head of Department (HoD) - Chemistry

Qualification : B.Tech. (IIT-Kanpur, 1998-2002)
Work Experience : 18 Years
With Resonance : Since 2003

He started his career in teaching at Resonance, immediately after completing his B.Tech. from IIT-Kanpur in 2002.

Worked from 2003-10 (from 2007 to 2010 as HoD-Chemistry & Additional Academic Head), rejoined in 2012, looking after overall academic activities at Resonance Since then.

He is true academician at core coupled with humbleness and down to earth approach for each aspect of learning and life. With dynamic nature and keenness to acquire knowledge from every source every moment. He started his career as Mathematics Lecturer then worked as Senior Faculty Physics also. He is expert of multiple subjects and taught and mentored students with his superlative academic acumen.

He plays a key role in taking both academic and non-academic decisions at organization level.

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Bharat Kumar Matoria (BKM)
Professor &
Head of Department (HoD) - Physics

Qualification : B.E. (RGPV-Bhopal, 2001)
Work Experience : 20 Years
With Resonance : Aug 2001 to Dec 2010, Feb 2020 Onwards

Bharat Kumar Matoria is known and respected amongst the students as well as faculty members for his prowess in Physics. He started his teaching career with Resonance in 2001- the establishment year of the institute.

Under guidance of RKV Sir he developed his teaching skills and eventually he trained many teachers while working as HoD Physics from 2007 to 2010. He was teaching physics in self venture from 2011 to 2019. Since February 2020 he is working with Resonance again as HoD Physics.

Being creative in nature and with his experience of 20 years he has developed many simple techniques to handle tough problems easily even by an average student. Once the students attend his engaging and interactive classes they starts loving Physics and they get oriented about how physics can be learnt easily.

A few days into his classes are bound to create a love triangle between BKM Sir, Students and Physics.

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Kapil Joshi (KJ)
Professor &
Deputy Head (Mathematics Department)

Qualification : B.E. (Rajasthan University), 1997
Work Experience : 22+ Years
With Resonance : Since 2004

He is key Academic Faculty of Resonance Team. Profound, subtle root of Mathematics Department. Serving JEE Main and JEE Advanced students with his best and calculated skills since 2004 in Resonance. Earlier to this he has worked in non-academic division of some companies too but his proficiency in education dragged him in our system. Kapil Joshi (KJ Sir) is very much known in student fraternity due to his unique teaching style and command over subject.

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Kirti Singh Songara
Vice President

Qualification : B.Tech. (Dairy Technology), PGDRDM (IRMA Anand)
Work Experience : 30+ Years
With Resonance : Since 2005

He has been working with Resonance since September 2005. Prior to Resonance, He was working with AMUL in Palanpur Gujarat & was looking after the Production, Purchase & Inventory Management, Quality Management & New Product Development. He joined Resonance as Senior Manager (Distance Learning Programme Division) but later on he also took charge of overall Operations of the Institute. His Hard Work & ever smiling face earned him a lot of respect & reputation amongst the Institute’s Team & students both.

At Present He is looking after the Network Partner Development and Support Services, Operations, ResoCARE, Examinations, and Administration functions of Resonance.

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Extended Core Team

Bharat Bhansaali (BRB)
Vice President (Head, Reso-International Studies Division) &
Associate Professor (Chemistry)

Qualification : B.Tech. (IIT-Dhanbad)
Work Experience : 18+ Years
With Resonance : Since 2007

He joined Resonance in February 2007. Prior to Resonance, He was working with SAIL as a Junior Manager and then as Chemistry Faculty at Chandigarh and Bokaro with renowned coaching. At Resonance he worked as Chemistry Faculty at Kota, Nagpur, Rajkot and then as Centre Head of Ahmedabad Study Centre. BRB Sir having excellent command in Academics as well as in Non-Academics Works (Strategic Planning & Business Management). Presently he is looking after development and support to Reso - International Studies Division, In short Reso-ISD.

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Ajay Nagar
Vice President

Qualification : B.Tech. (Metallurgy and Materials, IIT Roorkee, 2001), Certified PMP
Work Experience : 20 Years
With Resonance : From Aug 2011 to Feb 2020, Jan 2021 Onward

He is a PMP certified professional also providing creative solutions to various challenges. He started his career with Infosys and after working for various multinational client at India and US, came back to India to education domain. He has been an extraordinary speaker, motivator and counsellor for students of various ethnicities. Currently handling IT Services (General, Digital Marketing & e-Learning).

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