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Core Team Members

R.K. Verma
Managing Director ,

Qualification : B.Tech., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, IIT-Madras, 1994
Work Experience : 24 Years
With Resonance : Founder

He is the quintessential force behind Resonance and the captain of the ship. Before founding Resonance, he worked with one of the leading coaching institutes for IIT-JEE in Kota as Head, Department of Physics from 1995 to 2001. He is an inspiring leader with the heart of a teacher and mind of a trailblazer . In his career , he has seen more than 7500 IIT-JEE selections including numerous toppers. His own rise from ordinary to extraordinary has made him one of the best motivators and counsellors in the country for students aspiring for success in competitive examinations & in life thereafter .

Sanjay Purohit
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Qualification :Sanjay is a MBA Gold Medalist from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad (1993-1995) and holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay (1986-1989).
Work Experience : 38 Years
With Resonance : Since December, 2019

Sanjay has led several successful business turnarounds as CEO/Restructuring adviser in US and India. These projects involved leading digital transformation, cost reduction, process optimization, product portfolio rationalization and forming new business partnerships.
Sanjay has served as CEO/Restructuring leader of large companies including Dan River (Textile: $600M), Greatwide (Logistics: $1B), Silicon Graphics (Technology: $3B), Best & Baker (manufacturing: $250M), iProf (tech startup), Marc Ecko (Fashion: $100M), Beaulieu (Carpet: $250M), Coldwell & Salman (Services: $20 m) and others. He has also served in Motorola and Cisco for 6 years and founded an edutech startup iProf. He was IAS officer as first job for 5 years. Sanjay has been a guest speaker at premier business schools across the world including Harvard Business School and Kenan–Flagler Business School, where his work in business transformation is a reference case study.

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Ayush Goyal
Vice President
(Academic Planning & Performance)
& HoD Mathematics

Qualification : B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, IIT -Madras 2003, M.S. (Purdue University, USA 2006)
Work Experience :  14 Years
With Resonance : Since 2006

Nothing less than an experienced master of Mathematics, Mr . Ayush Goyal is known and respected amongst the student as well as faculty fraternities for his prowess in the subject. He regularly inspires students to overcome their mental blocks towards Mathematics and simplifies the subject to an extent that it often becomes the student's favorite subject.

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Chandra Shekher Sharma
Vice President
(Student Welfare) &
HoD Physics

Qualification : : B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, IIT-Bombay, 2003
Work Experience : 16 Years
With Resonance : Since 2005

He started his career as a Assistant Manager at Atul Chemical’s Ltd., Gujarat. Known among students for his grit and unique style of teaching, Chandra Shekhar Sharma is a motivator and man behind many success stories. He always keeps his lectures very lively and after attending even a single session any student may feel the difference of his teaching uniqueness.

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