EduZone is an effort by Resonance to bring a host of resources to add value to your learning experience. EduZone aims to provide a diverse range of content, Academic & Non-academic, to aid your overall development and to keep you motivated till the final frontier is conquered.

The resources on EduZone are made available to users in following manner
Sr.No. Type of Resources Pricing User Sign-up
1. Free Free Not Required
2. Exclusive Free Required
3. Premium Paid Required

EduZone offers content on various themes and topics. These themes are:

  • Academic Content
    1. Solved and unsolved sample test papers
    2. Past Papers of Various Entrance Examinations
    3. Study Material and formula banks
  • Non Academic Content:
    1. Information about Resonance
    2. Information about Entrance Examinations and Institutes
    3. Career Guides
    4. Motivational Books
    5. Resonance Initiatives and announcements