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FAQs - Resonance

FAQs (Frequently asked Questions) for students/parents

       Q.1 What is the difference between online payment using payment gateway at the site of Resonance vis a vis making the online payment using the NEFT Mode going through the web site of the respective bank?

Reply – Technically both the mechanisms are identical and similar and in both the modes the login and password of your net banking will be required. In case of payment gateway the extra step of creating and adding beneficiary i.e. ‘Resonance Eduventures Limited’ is not required. In addition, the payment gateway mechanism makes a direct route of transfer of amount from your bank account to the bank account of Resonance, which makes it relatively simpler and faster. In addition, we may keep a quick track of the receipt or failure of the amount for a quick confirmation to you. Therefore, we advise you to prefer the payment gateway route as compared to NEFT route.

       Q.2 If we encounter difficulty or failure of technology in executing the fee payment using the payment gateway or NEFT whom should we approach for the necessary assistance?

Reply – You may call up on 9529936404 or 9529936409 for necessary assistance in this matter. Alternatively, you may mail for the required assistance on

       Q.3 I have received the Debit Instruction (DI) Form and filled it up also for execution of the both the installments for fee payment, where should I send the same and how the fee payment process will take place?

Reply – We have provided you a self addressed (at Resonance Kota) envelope for your convenience. Please insert the duly filled up and signed DI form and dispatch the same preferably through Speed Post by paying the applicable charges (please avoid the ordinary post). We, on receipt of the same, quickly (preferably on the same day if received by 12.00 p.m. or otherwise next day) send the same to the respective Bank for amount of transfer of fee amount from your account to the account of Resonance. Our team will send a confirmation of such credit in our account through SMS to you on the mobile number of the Account Holder provided on the DI Form.

       Q.4 This form is in three copies – which copy to be sent and which one to be kept by us?

Reply – The first copy (original copy in white colour) is Bank’s copy and second copy (in green colour) is Resonance copy. The third copy is in yellow colour, which is your (parent’s) copy. These are in self carbon form and have to be filled putting all together and filling up the white (original copy). The other two copies will, on its own carry the writing impression.
The white (original) and green (second) copies are to be inserted in the self addressed envelope and the third copy (the yellow colour copy) is your copy which you will keep with you.

       Q.5 Can I deposit the DI form at the respective Centre (City) of Resonance instead of sending the same by courier to Kota?

Reply –No, the same cannot be deposited at the branch/centre at any other city. Since the processing of these forms can only be done in Kota, therefore, we advise you to insert the same in the self addressed envelope and dispatch to Resonance, Kota only. Branches are advised not to accept there but to advise you to directly send the same to Kota.

       Q.6 What should be the dead line (the last date) by which the DI form should reach to Kota through Speed Post/Courier etc.?

Reply –You will get to know the last date through this Reso guide or through the respective branch or centre in your city or through our Call Centre team about the last date of deposit of fee for the respective/applicable course. However, it is pertinent to note that the last date for opting the fee deposition through the DI mode would be two days prior to the general date as the last date of payment. For example if the last date, in general, is 25th February then to opt for DI as mode of payment would be 23rd February by which the DI form should reach to Kota. (This is to avoid any hassles involved due to the last day being Sunday /Holiday.)
As a matter of an abundant caution we advise all the parents to carry some amount of cash – at least Rs. 10,000/- to deposit and to ensure provisional admission subject to realization of the fee pending in the process completion or delayed receipt of the speed post etc. Such amount (Rs. 10,000/- or so) would be subject to refund if after completion of the fee realization process through the relevant mode(s) of fee payment, if it is eventually realized in excess.

       Q.7 In case we have dispatched the DI form inserting the same in the self addressed envelope by speed post and it has not reached before the last date, as applicable then how to ensure that our case be considered for admission and batch allotment?

ReplyYes, in that case you have to deposit the fee through any other suitable mode. In such a case you are advised to make sure getting in touch with our call centre teams or on the numbers provided i.e. 09529936404 or 09529936409 about the receipt of the DI Forms at Kota before the last date, as applicable.

       Q.8 If I have paid the first installment of the fee applicable through cash/DD/payment gateway/NEFT/Debit or credit card etc. but I wish to pay the second installment through DI form which I find more convenient in order to avoid the difficulty in future or to avoid payment through Post dated cheque, Can I do so?

Reply –Yes, you are welcome and are strongly recommended to pay your second installment of fee through DI form, if you have opted any other mode for payment of your fee for the first installment. In that case please strike off the column provided for the first installment and only fill up the second installment and also sign within the appropriate box assigned for the purpose of second installment for signature and strike off the remaining boxes. Now, the duly filled up DI form should be inserted in the self addressed envelope and should be dispatched to Resonance Kota preferably through the Speed Post.

       Q.9 If we are taking admission in another city (other than Kota) at the respective Resonance Centre, can we use the DI form for payment of our fee?

Reply –Since the arrangement of processing of DI forms has been made with the banks situated at Kota only therefore we have not provided this particular mode of payment at any other location, therefore you are advised to use the other modes of payment in such cases.
However, for payment of second or subsequent installments of fee payment we advise and encourage you to pay the fee through DI form depositing the same at the respective Centre in your city. The Centres will in turn arrange to send these DI forms for fee collection of second or subsequent installment to Kota. We recommend that for payment of second or subsequent installment at the other locations this would be the most convenient mode of fee payment, however, for the payment of first installment we recommend the other modes of fee payment at such locations (other than Kota).

       Q.10 If I have provided the DI form for second installment of fee due in near future and in the meantime any scholarship amount is granted to our ward can we provide the revised DI form for the reduced amount of second installment in that case?

Reply –You need not to go for the revised DI form for making the necessary amendment in the second installment of fee amount due. Any scholarship granted to you in the meantime, shall be paid to you transferring the same directly in the bank account details provided by you in the application form, Subject to the completion of formalities involved with respect to the refund process, as applicable.