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Students who have been selected in stage I exam will now compete for NTSE stage 2 at the National level to be held on 16th June 2019.

Many students will face such competitive environment for the very first time, chances are high that they might be little anxious.

So, to take the pressure off the students, RESONANCE provides the students with pearl of advice.

  1. Rigorous study must be avoided Last minute preparation should include intensive revision of NCERT books. Students should not run behind learning new things or things which are least important. They should focus on revising their concise notes.

  1. Stay calm and relax Students should take adequate rest or gaps in between their long study hours. This could include taking a power nap or doing anything that soothes their mind. It is advisable to sleep at least for 7-8 hours daily to retain the learnt concepts.

  1. Follow a healthy and a balanced diet During the period of their preparation for such exams, students should avoid the consumption of junk food. Their diet should include things which are healthy and easy to digest.

  1. Need to have immaculate planning Before starting anything, a prudent planning is required. So it applies here as well. A student must form an organised time table to revise the entire syllabi as per the number of days available. Planning should be so efficient that the revision finishes before the commencement of the exam.

  1. Aware yourself through self analysis Students should try to attempt the mock test during the time slots of NTSE stage 2 exam i.e. 9: 30 am-11: 30 am, 1: 30 pm-3: 30 pm.

After each mock test, analysing the performance is of utmost importance. This will enable a student to find out the mistakes committed and the corresponding reasons. He will also get aware of the questions which are not attempted and the reason of failure in attempting them. The students need to work on all the analysed reasons in eradicating the shortcoming in attempting the next mock test and see if there is any improvement.

Last but not the least , the students should take care of their exam kit beforehand i.e. they should keep all the essential things like admit card, pen, pencil, etc. to avoid any kind of last minute hustle.

As NTSE Stage 2 exam is just around the corner, parents also need to pull up their socks and start playing an active role during this time.

The parents’ role can act as a catalyst for increasing their child’s performance in the environment of cut-throat competition. Parents should try to ease their child’s anxiety by making him smile in this tough phase. Remember, the less the pressure, the more efficient they will be. Don't overhype the importance of any examination.

Let the exam just be the exam.

Make it clear to your kid, that your love and affection is no way dependent on how they perform. This assurance is the best gift you can give them on the eve before their exam.