89 students from Resonance got selected in the first stage of various Olympiads :

In the recently declared results of various International Olympiads, Resonance has once again excelled by producing excellent results.Please find below the various selections from our Kota,Jaipur,Nagpur,Udaipur & Mumbai Study Centres :

1 Kota 14 18 15 19
2 Jaipur 4 4 3 1
3 Nagpur - - 1 -
4 Udaipur - - - 1
5 Mumbai 4 2 - 1
6 Bhopal - 1 - 1
  Total  22 25  19 23

NSEP = National Standard Examination in Physics.
NSEC = National Standard Examination in Chemistry.
IAO(SR) = International Astronomy Olympiad (Senior Category).
NSEJS = National Standard Examination in Junior Science.

International Olympiads for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology are organized for the students of class XI and XII. Also, International Junior Science Olympiad is organized for students upto class X. First stage is upto regional level, Second upto National level, third stage is Orientation cum Scholarship Camp, fourth is Pre-departure Training Camp and the fifth & final round is International Olympiads. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), Mumbai coordinates the preliminary four rounds of International Olympiads with the support of Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) and National Board of Higher Mathematics.

The legacy of Resonance in International Olympiad is not quite old but it is highly impressive and commendable. Students from Resonance have contributed 10 medals (3 Gold and 7 Silver) in last 4 years in the tally of medals won by Indians in International Olympiads. Out of these 10 students, 7 students were registered in the regular classroom programmes and 3 in correspondence programmes.