Resonance captured Silver Medal in IPhO - 2010

Mr. Mehul Kumar
Silver Medal (IPhO 2010)
IIT-JEE 2010 (AIR) - 19

Student of Resonance Jaipur Study Centre - Mr. Mehul Kumar has won Silver Medal in the final stage of International Physics Olympiad 2010 (IPhO 2010).

Out of the 5 selected students, 1 student won gold medal, 3 students won silver medals and 1 student won bronze medal in the final stage which was held from 17 - 25 July 2010 at Jagreb, Croatia situated in Europe.

A total of 5 students from India got selected for the final stage of International Physics Olympiad out of which 2 students were from Rajasthan and Mehul Kumar was one of them. Mehul Kumar is a regular student of Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes (YCCP) of Resonance.

Mehul Kumar secured All India Rank - 19 (AIR-19) in IIT-JEE 2010. He also secured All India Rank - 76 (AIR-76) in AIEEE and secured 90.80 % in class 12th this year. Mehul was also selected for the Asian Science Camp which was organized from 3 - 8 August 2009 in Japan.