Class 10 Board Exam 2020 Tips to Attempt Question Paper

CBSE Class 10 Board Exam Preparation Tips (Subject wise)

Attempting the question paper properly in 10th board examinations can help you score high marks. Paper presentation is an important aspect and you must attempt the paper in a way that not only make an impact on the checker but also makes him read your paper easily.

Following are some points you must take care when attempting 10th board paper:

1. First read the question paper well
The first thing to do read your paper well, understand it well. When writing the answers, you first need to understand what is being asked and how much marks it contains. The answer should be written accordingly- logically and comprehensively.

2. Use the first 15 minutes effectively
You get a good 15 minutes in the beginning to read the question paper -- use this time to do just that, READ. Read all the 30 questions in 15 minutes. While reading, mark the questions into categories wise easy, manageable and tough. This is done to have an overall idea about the questions and make a rough plan.

3. Don't worry about the tough ones
The moment you find that there are a few tough questions; it is natural that you start worrying about them. This is not required and will only harm your performance.
The fact is that they may look a bit tough on the surface, but when you actually work on them you will find most of them to be much easier than they seemed. So be happy about the easy ones and don't get unduly worried about the tougher lot.

4. Prioritise your attempt
Always attempt the easy questions first and then move on to the manageable ones and ensure that you complete them before taking on the difficult ones. This will ensure that you are not leaving any question that you know.
Once you successfully attempt all the easy and manageable questions, your confidence will grow and you will be mentally ready to take on the more challenging questions.

5. Ensure speed and accuracy
Use quicker methods in calculations to ensure that you are not wasting time and your answers are correct. For example, if you make an error in the sign of a term (+/-), you may not be able to solve questions involving quadratic equations or linear equations. Therefore avoiding silly mistakes is very important to save time. Always follow the tricks we discussed in speed strategies.

6. Keep an eye on your watch
Keeping an eye on your watch is of course not to increase your stress. This is just to see that you are broadly adhering to the time allocation we discussed in the beginning. A minor variation is not at all a reason to worry.

7. Avoid thinking too much about a question
Thinking about the questions before you attempt them is essential; but not to such an extent that you waste a lot of time on one question.
Also you need not write a very lengthy answer to a question just because the question is easy and you know it very well. Remember, you need to just answer the question and nothing more. Any over-attempt will be a mere waste of time.

8. Revise your answers
Usually the question papers are set in such a way that even after attempting all the questions, students should be left with 5-10 minutes in the end to revise their answers. Do not waste your time and revise all your answers.

9. Select your options wisely
In certain questions you will be provided multiple choices. Do not hurry and make your choice smartly. Read questions carefully: Before you begin writing answer, read question carefully. See what is being asked in the question.

10. Use easy language
While writing your answer, make sure that you use easy to understand language. An examiner will rather be impressed by a conceptual answer written in simple language than with one without any conceptual language but written in flowery language.

11. Follow word count
For questions, especially in language and literature papers, where word count for the answer is provided, stick to word count. Do not over exceed the word limit. Also do not be a miser and wrap up your answer in very less word count.

12. Be neat and clean
Write your answer in a clean and legible handwriting. Not everyone has a beautiful handwriting but anyone can write answers with proper space and punctuation and in a legible handwriting. Remember that if your answer sheet is not clean and handwriting illegible, it will be unfavorable to you. Use margin wherever necessary.

13. Avoid using slangs
Remember that written English is different from spoken English. Using slang words or SMS language will be counted as spelling mistake and you will be penalized for the same.

Subject-wise Tips

Mathematics is a high-scoring subject; you just need to make sure to be clear with the concepts. Practice more and more to solve your problems and also slowly you will develop interest automatically. Following tips can help you score high in Maths:

  1. Make separate copies for formula and theorems to revise easily any time.
  2. Do practice to get the speed and accuracy.
  3. Beware of the silly mistakes that you often make.
  4. Solve last year question papers and sample papers.
  5. Do each and every question and solved example of NCERT book.
  6. Focus on NCERT book.
  7. Time management:

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Tips & Tricks for Class 10th English Board Exam 2020

You can allocate your time following way:
2.25 min for 1 mark question, 4.5 min for 2 mark question, 6.75 min for 3 mark & 9 min for 4 mark question
1 × 6 = 6 marks (2.25 Min for each Que) *2.25 × 6 = 13.5 Min*
2 × 6 = 12 marks (4.5 min for each Que) *4.5 × 6 = 27 Min*
3 × 10 = 30 Marks (6.75 Min for each Que)
*6.75 × 10 = 67.5 Min*
4 × 8 = 32 Marks (9 Min for each Que)
*9× 8 = 72 Min*
13.5 + 27 + 67.5 + 72 = 180 Min
By following this calculation you can complete your paper on time.

Most students generally have many problems while dealing with English subject. Especially when it comes to 10th board exam, students tend to score low in English subject. Following are some tips to be followed for preparing for English exams:

  1. Practice mock papers.
  2. Go through Previous Year Papers.
  3. Refer latest Sample Papers by CBSE.
  4. Work on writing skills .

Science question paper consists of different types of questions:
1. VSA & SA

  1. Attempt all questions.
  2. Read question carefully and make sure that answers are not very lengthy.
  3. In case of confusion, spare time at the end of exam for that question.

2. LA

  1. Read question properly and the marks allocation to each part and sub parts of the question.
  2. Explain lengthy answers with examples and diagrams.
  3. Always draw diagrams with pencil with a proper labelling in block letters.
  4. Recheck for all logics and calculations.
  5. Underline keywords of the answers.
  6. Draw a line after each answer to indicate end of that answer and beginning of new answers.

Social Studies
Following are some tips to be followed for preparing for 10th Board Social Studies exams:

  1. Read chapters comprehensively without skipping any content (boxes glossary included).
  2. Make a flow chart of (only names) imp dates, events, people.
  3. Write a very short summary of each imp episode/ policy etc (50 to 60 words only).
  4. Map work need to be taken seriously and practised.
  5. After going through the course, prepare the previous year’s papers.
  6. During the exam time try to follow the sequence of question paper.
  7. Tick mark the questions that you have attempted.
  8. For 1 mark question only 1 point or 1 word and for 3 mark question 3 points with explanation and for 5 marks 5 points with explanation and write the sub points with black pen.
  9. Do the map work in the map only and do not do it in the answer sheet and use the pointed pencils for that.
  10. Follow the instructions properly.

If you follow these tips religiously, you can be prepared well for your 10th board exams, even with less time left before the examination starts. 10th board is an important milestone in your life. Therefore, you must make it certain to leave no stone unturned to make yourself and your parents proud. At the same time, also take care of your health!

Special Thanks to Mr. Shailendra Somani (Director, MDS School, Udaipur) for sharing his wisdom.

Best of luck!