Reso Base 2015

The Academic Journey that we embarked upon 14 years ago, with support of people around and those associated was able to touch various unimaginable milestones on it's way. This journey was not just about touching various milestones but also helping young talent with aspirations and dreams to culminate to make their dreams turn into reality, with wide range of disciplines whether it be Computer Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Designing an Automobile, Medicine, or Civil Services, our team strives to include people with wide range of disciplines in order to cater the needs of young people. It has been an interesting and inspiring journey over the period of time which has amazed the people around.

Since the day of our foundation on 11th April 2001, Resonance has trained 3,50,000+ students through its classroom, distance learning and e-learning programs. Around 73000+ students are currently enrolled at the various centres of Resonance in its different programs for academic session 2015-16. The last leg of admissions for academic session 2015-16 are still going on for various divisions. In addition to its main state-of-the-art campus that has been built in Kota, Resonance has its presence through 65 centres in 29 cities along with 9 Live-Video Learning Program (LLP) centres and 2 Integrated Classroom Contact Program (ICCP) centres, preparing students for JEE (Main & Advanced), JEE (Main), AIPMT, AIIMS, International Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY, CA, CS, CMA & CLAT, Public Services and Banking.

Aspiring to reach far and wide, RESONANCE has ensured its presence in South also by bonding with BASE, the most renowned institution for competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, Medical Entrance and CET in Karnataka and Head Quartered at Bengaluru for consolidation of similar interests and ideologies. After our successful operations in North, West & East, the bonding with BASE is our strategic step towards enriching the students in South with our expertise for these competitive entrances using the best practices for which Resonance is fully committed and well characterized.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a brief introduction of BASE here. Founded in 1991 by Dr. H.S. Nagaraja (Physics Professor), from a modest strength of 4 faculty members and 3 students, BASE has now grown to include 241 teaching faculties and multiple programs for students from class 5 to 2nd PU (Pre-University)/Class12. BASE has consistently performed since its inception, both in terms of growth and the number of students - gaining success in the entrance of IITs and NITs. It is a proud fact that each year, the number of BASE students qualifying to the IITs is more than that of all other institutions in Karnataka put together. It is operating at more than 40 locations with enrolment of more than 15000 students in IIT-JEE, Medical Entrance, CET, pre-foundation, e-learning and distance learning programs. It has tie-ups with many reputed schools/Junior Colleges of the region.

To mark the dedicated efforts of BASE, I wish to highlight their achievements till date as under :

IIT/ JEE (Advanced)

  • Ranks in TOP 25 since 1996: 4,10,11,22
  • Total Ranks in Top 100 since 1996 : 21

AIEEE/JEE (Main) Result (All State Rank)

  • ASR - 1 (5 Times), ASR - 2 (3 Times), ASR – 3 (once) since 2004
  • Total Ranks in TOP 10 (ASR): 42 since 2004

K-CET (Engg.)

  • All State Rank 1 (4 Times since 2004)
  • Grand Achievement : ASR 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 (in 2010)
    ASR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 (in 2011)

K-CET (Medical)

  • All State Rank (ASR) - 1 (Twice), ASR - 2 (Twice), ASR - 3 (Twice) since 2014
  • Grand Achievement: ASR 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 (in 2011)

International Olympiad

  • 2010: 1 Student was selected to represent India in the 41st International Physics Olympiad held at Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2011: 1 Student was selected to represent India in the 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad held at Amsterdam, Netherlands

National Olympiad (2nd Stage Qualified) :

  • Physics – 1, Maths – 2, Chemistry – 1, Astronomy - 3 since 2004
  • State Olympiad (1st Stage Qualified) :
  • Physics – 7, Chemistry - 6, Maths – 27, Biology - 15, Astronomy – 6 since 2013
  • AIIMS : Total 17 Selections since 2013
  • AIPMT : Total 36 Selections in 2014
  • JIPMER : Total 15 Selections since 2012
  • KVPY : Total 110 Selections since 2011
  • NTSE(Stage-1) : Total 43 Selections since 2013
    Best Ranks : 1, 3 & 7

This great handshake of northern India with southern India aims to make Resonance truly a national player. Positives from each system will be exchanged and learnt by the other member, while retaining the original ethos and the earthen scent of each institution. The biggest gainer from this association will be the students, parents and our staff members. With greater strength of academic, administrative staff and students, Resonance - BASE union is going to unearth new possibilities. There will be a free flow of knowledge and ideas to create worthy champions.

I wish to thank all of you for making Resonance such a strong Company. I also wish to thank Dr. H.S. Nagaraja & team for making this day possible and give such a wonderful gift to the students. Progress takes commitment. It takes consistent hard work. As we continue to toil we believe even greater success will follow.

Having achieved the significant milestones we continue to be committed for even greater accomplishments in the days to come!

Regards/Best wishes
R.K. Verma
Managing Director
Resonance Eduventures Limited