RESONites Excelled in National Standard Examinations (NSE) Stage-1 of International Olympiads

Students of Resonance has performed exceedingly well in the Stage-1 of International Olympiads. National Standard Examination (NSE) which is stage-1 for International Olympiads in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy & Junior Science was conducted in the last week of November 2012. Result of Stage- 1 has been announced on 01-01-13 on the website of Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) which conducts the Stage-1 of these Olympiads.

Students of Resonance has continued their good show in this exam & 67 of them has cleared the stage-1 of this prestigious examination which is conducted in Five Stages. Stage-1 of this Exam is conducted by IAPT while the remaining Stages are conducted by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE). Out of these 67 Students from Resonance, 56 are from regular classroom contact programmes of Resonance while 11 students are from Distance Learning Programmes & e-Learning programmes. Selections from Institute's Kota Study Centre are 16, Jaipur Study Centre 15, Udaipur 8, Mumbai 8, Nagpur 4, Jodhpur 2, Bhopal 1, Ajmer 1, Delhi 1.

Total 17 students have been selected for the Stage-2 in Physics while 11 Students have been selected in Chemistry, 16 students are in Astronomy, 2 are in Biology & 21 students have been selected in Junior Science Olympiads. Students of Class XI & XII can participate in Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Astronomy Olympiads while students of Class X & below can apply for Junior Science.

Total 300 students have been declared Successful for appearing in Stage-2 in Physics & Chemistry Olympiads while 303 students in Biology, 310 Students in Astronomy & 302 students in Junior Science have been declared eligible for appearing in Stage-2 which will be Indian National Olympiad (INO) in respective subjects.

INOs will a written test to be conducted in each subject in the first week of February. Around 35 Students in each subject will be shortlisted after this written test for the Stage-3 which will be Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC). After OCSC, around 5-6 Students in each subject except Junior Science where total 12 students (Two Six members Teams) will be selected for the International Olympiads in respective subjects. International Olympiad for Physics will be conducted in Copenhagen, Denmark, Chemistry in Moscow, Russia, Biology in Bern, Switzerland, Astronomy in Volos, Greece & Junior Science in Pune, India.