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NEET 2020 Result Highlights

2435 selections from Resonance in NEET 2020

NEET 2020 Result Highlights

In the declared results of NEET 2020 Resonance students have given exceptional performance. In the results seen so far, total 2435 students from Resonance have got selected in NEET 2020. Out of it 1622 are from Classroom Programs and 813 from Distance Learning Programs. Two of the classroom students of Resonance-Base, Rishi Ravindra (AIR-116) and Sanjana K (AIR-128) are the top scorers from Resonance.

5 students have got position in Top-300, 11 in top-1000; 221 students from Hindi medium and 858 girl students have also got success in NEET 2020 from Resonance classroom programs.

Mr. R.K. Verma, Managing Director and Head-Academics of Resonance has congratulated the students for a brilliant performance and have extended best wishes on a successful learning at medical colleges.