Resonance Student Yash Sanjeev Wins Bronze Medal for India in International Mathematical Olympiad

A regular classroom student of Kota Yash Sanjeev has won the Bronze medal at “International Mathematical Olympiad-2017” held at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and has made Kota as well as the nation proud. This is first time from Kota City that someone represented India in IMO and after a wait of more than a decade Rajasthan finally got a medalist in IMO.

The Founder and Managing Director of Resonance told Yash has made us proud and has proved that even the sky has no limits and yet there is space above the sky which leads to success stories yet to be made. He qualified Regional Mathematical Olympiad in 2015; he became a KVPY scholar in 2017, NTSE Scholar in 2016, qualified INJSO in 2016, INAO in 2016, RMO in 2015, NSEP and NSEA in 2017. Yash has achieved this breakthrough when he is merely in Class XIth which is a masterstroke in itself.