Resonance Student Yash Sanjeev representing INDIA in IMO 2017

"The key to success is to hard work and to believe in yourself and your teachers…"

The above lines are very beautifully quoted by a simple boy from Lucknow who joined Resonance, Kota in the year 2016 for whom success became a habit. His dream didn’t become a reality through magic; it took sweat, determination and hard work. He understood the value of hard work and made his mark and will be soon representing India in International Mathematical Olympiad 2017 to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The boy originating from a middle class family where father is employed as a Chief Manager at state Bank of India and mother is a housewife. He had cherished the same dream as other students who come to Kota, an Education hub seeking their future in Engineering and Medical Education.

"I think the best word that describes Resonance is excellence. With an amazing staff Resonance provides not only really interactive and high quality classes with well-prepared teachers. They truly make you have your best life experience."

He recalls back the time when he decided to study at Resonance which helped him in acquiring a lot of confidence and moral values. Yash has always been eager in learning a lot about mathematics. His keen interest in mathematics and trust over the faculties at Resonance attracted him to choose Resonance. He attended the camp organised by Resonance in the year 2015. He was impressed by the highly qualified staff of Resonance, especially SPS Sir who was able to satisfy all the questions asked by Yash in the various sessions of camp. RKV Sir, the Physics maestro is also the man who enthused him with competitive spirit and educative qualities. After seeing the calibre and undivided attention of Yash for studies, RK Verma Sir made sure that Yash is properly equipped by all the resources Yash require to achieve his dreams. He was also introduced to prodigy of mathematics at Reso Base, Karnataka. In totality it was a combined effort of Resonance which led to add on of so many achievements in the success diary of Yash.

The most important thing that he kept in mind while joining Resonance is the fact that he was not mediocre anymore. Hours needed for studying will be longer, assignments will be more difficult and time consuming, and faculty will expect a greater level of professionalism in home work and assignments.

He has an endless list of achievements which define his success, but few of his exemplary accomplishments are that he became an NTSE scholar in 2016, a KVPY scholar in 2017, qualified INJSO in 2016, INAO in 2016, RMO in 2015, NSEP and NSEA in 2017.

Yash has always been inspired by the gifts scientists have given us in the form of many researches. He feels that in the day to day hustle of our busy lives full of research, formulae, etc. we often forget to think about those who walked this road before us and created many of the techniques we use. Without their contributions, it's difficult to imagine where we would be. With that said, he wants to become a Theoretical Physicist and Mathematician and this is his way of giving thanks and showing appreciation to all those who came before us in the field of science and to help inspire other people out there trying to do great things now.

He likes playing football and has a lot of interest in outdoor games. He has a message for all the students who are focusing for IMO that though unlike other subjects Olympiad there is no intersection between the course of Mathematics Olympiad and IIT syllabus, one should not give up and practice from low difficulty level questions to high difficulty level questions.

Resonance wishes him all the luck for his future endeavors.