Course Name (Code) Target Year SANKALP-MP [NEET 2023]
Event/ Class Class-XII (Old Students)
Last Date for Fee Deposition
31-Jan-22, 03-Apr-22
Display of Batch Allotment List
(Website, Notice Boards & SMS)
Applicable for Kota Study Centre
31-Jan-22, 03-Apr-22
Commencement of Classes 01-Feb-22, 04-Apr-22
Medium of Instructions English & Hindi*
Last Date for Fee Deposition
31-Mar-22, 03-Jun-22
Academic Session Ends# Till NEET 2023

Course Concept:

This is the second academic session for old students of Resonance who have been promoted from Class-XI (SAMARTH & SAKSHAM Courses) to Class-XII. Once the syllabus of Medical is completed, the students will also be taught few chapters of CBSE Class-XII syllabus (which are not in Medical syllabus of Physics, Chemistry & Botany & Zoology)

Course Structure:

This Course covers the entire NEET(AIPMT) syllabus of Class – XII . After this, students will be relieved from the institute to focus completely on their Class 12th Board Examinations till the third week of March. Meanwhile, we will keep conducting various tests like, Open tests, Major Tests for the revision of the syllabus.
Course Content:

  1. Regular Classroom Coaching.
  2. 90 minutes lecture which is further divided into DPP discussion of 15 min, Sheet Discussion of next 30 minutes & theoretical and conceptual learning of last 45 minutes.
  3. 4 lectures per subject per week.
  4. Periodic Test is conducted once in a month in the form of Part Test & Cumulative Test.
  5. Regular conduction of Doubt Classes.

Distinctive Features:

  1. Systematic completion of whole syllabus of NEET(AIPMT) in one year .
  2. Coverage of Board syllabus after the completion of NEET(AIPMT) syllabus.
  3. Special Classes for English is conducted.
  4. Conduction of All India Test Series at the end of academic session.
  5. The Test Series comes out helpful in maintaining level of NEET(AIPMT) preparation even after completion of Course.