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Course Name (Code) Target Year SAKSHAM-MA [NEET/AIIMS 2022]
Event/ Class Class-XI (Phase-I)
Date of Selection Test (10am - 1pm) 25.08.2019, 08.09.2019, 22.09.2019, 06.10.2019
ResoFAST Test Centres Only Study Centers
Results of Selection Test After 6 days(Friday)
Last Date for Fee Deposition
Display of Batch Allotment List
(Website, Notice Boards & SMS)
Applicable for Kota Study Centre
05.04.2020 (Sunday/ 05:00 pm)
Commencement of Regular Classes 06.04.2020
Last Date for Fee Deposition
End of Regular Classes# 03.01.2021
Academic Session Ends# 28.02.2021
Course Available at Selected SCs only

Fee Structure For Yearlong Classroom Contact Programs - YCCPs for AIIMS / NEET
Class Course Duration Course Name Course Code Admission Fee ( AF) NON REFUNDABLE Study Material Fee (SMF) NON REFUNDABLE Tuition Fee (T.F.) Course Fee (C.F.) (GST @ 18%) on C. F. Caution Money (C.M.) Total Course Fee
Advanced Registration Fee [ARF] I-Inst II-Inst Fee Applicable Month
XI 2 Years (XI & XII) SAKSHAM (For Session 2020-21) MA 10000 10000 60508 80508 14492 2000 97000 20000 48000 29000 Till Nov' 19
10000 10000 64746 84746 15254 2000 102000 20000 48000 34000  Dec' 19
10000 10000 68983 88983 16017 2000 107000 20000 48000 39000  Jan' 20
10000 10000 73220 93220 16780 2000 112000 20000 48000 44000  Feb' 20

Note : To take the fee benefit of fee applicable month, ARF is to be submitted in that respective month

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Course Concept:
This course is for those who set their Target as PRE-MEDICAL as soon as they opt for science stream. In this course we nurture the students in scientific manner with the stress on fundamentals introduced in XI class. During this course we help students building up solid foundation of concepts and analytical approach towards problem solving. Our specially designed syllabus covers all the topics of PRE-MEDICAL in step by step manner with confident backup to XI & XII class exams.

Course Structure:

The entire course is divided into two academic sessions:

  • First Year (During class 11th): During the first academic session, the Medical which is common to school syllabus of Class-11th, will be taught to the students. This syllabus is scheduled to be finished by mid of February. During month of March, the students will be given a break of around 30-40 days from the institute. During this period, the students take their annual examinations of Class-11th in their respective schools.
  • Second Year (During class 12th): Based on performance of the students in periodic test, they are promoted to second year in SANKALP course.

Course Content:

  1. Regular Classroom Coaching.
  2. 90 minutes lecture which is further divided into DPP discussion of 15 min, Sheet discussion of next 30 minutes & theoretical and conceptual learning of last 45 minutes.
  3. 3 to 4 lectures per subject per week.
  4. Periodic Test is conducted once in a month in the form of Part Test & Cumulative Test.
  5. Regular conduction of Doubt Classes.

Distinctive Features:

  1. Longest time availability as compared to other Courses.
  2. Lays solid foundation of basic concepts of all the subjects.
  3. The focus of the Course is more on concept building & gradual improvement in the performance of the students.
  4. Develops quick analytical thinking & systematic problem solving skills.
  5. On the basis of performance in Periodic Tests, students are reshuffled so as to enhance the competitive spirit amongst them.