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Vishwaas Course is specially designed for students who are currently studying in 11th class and want to put in their best effort to crack IIT JEE. Students are taught entire portion of class XII syllabus along with the important and critical topics of class XI as per the curriculum and content followed at Resonance. Our objective is to help students prepare for JEE (Main + Advanced) keeping in mind the time remaining for the exam. Students will also be guided to prepare for CBSE board examination.

What is the duration of the course ?

  • Course from 06.04.2020 to 26.12.2020
  • Academic Session Ends Till JEE (Advanced) 2021
  • Course Duration: 38 Weeks
  • Total Number of Lectures: 572 (P: 188 | C: 192 | M: 192)
  • Duration of one lecture: 1 hr 30 minutes = 90 minutes
  • Total Duration of Classroom Teaching: 858 hrs
  • Total Duration of Testing Hours: 105 hrs
  • Total Academic Hours in VISHWAAS Course: 963 hrs

Fee & Scholarship Details

Scholarship Criteria

  • Scholarship based on ResoNET / ResoFAST.
  • Scholarship based on Board Exam Marks.
  • Scholarship based on Competitive Exam Performance.

Scholarship Test Details

  • Test Date (09am - 12pm) : - 22.03.2020, 29.03.2020
  • Test Centers : - All Study Centers, Test Center and schools
  • Results of Selection Test : - After 6 days

Fee Structure For VISHWAAS Course

Course Fee ARF * ARF Date I-Inst II-Inst
1,35,000 25,000 Till Nov' 19 67,600 42,400
1,41,000 25,000 Dec' 19 67,600 48,400
1,47,000 25,000 09th March 2020 67,600 54,400
1,53,000 25,000 10th to 31th March 2020 67,600 60,400

Last Date for Fee Deposition (I-inst) - 31.03.2020
Last Date for Fee Deposition (II-inst) - 15.05.2020

* Advanced Registration Fee (ARF)
Note : To take the fee benefit of fee applicable month, ARF is to be submitted in that respective month.

What are the Course Benefits ?

Excellent Faculty

Outstanding and highly qualified faculty members who help students in every aspect of their study life

Computer Based Tests

Online tests will be conducted as per the new change in the pattern, for better practice of our students

Doubt Classes

1 on 1 doubt classes are conducted for students to provide them with customized solution

Board Improvement Program

Special board classes for the students who are improving in any subject of board

Competitive Exam Support

Special classes are designed for other exams like Olympiads, KVPY. Study material are provided and regular tests are conducted.

Daily Practice Problems

Designed for a student’s self-understanding of a topic. DPPs are handed over daily to the students for practice after every session

Periodic Tests

Periodic Tests are conducted regularly, allowing students to solve all kinds of questions asked in the competitive exams of JEE.

Board Worksheets

On the basis of NCERT and State Boards, worksheets for students are created. This runs parallel with the course curriculum.

Recorded Video Lecture

Students who have missed classes can watch recorded video lectures in computer lab to cover up the topics.

B:MUS (Make up classes)

Especially organized for the students who have missed the classes or have doubt in particular topic or chapter.

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