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The innovative course is for those students, who want to give their best performance in NEET 2023. This course is designed in such a way that complete course is covered with sufficient test practice for students. This course will contain 6 lectures of 1.5 hours each in a week where exhaustive discussion of worksheet will be carried out by experienced faculties. Regular full syllabus Tests will be conducted on NEET Pattern.

SAFAL – Special Batch is an exclusive batch for the Students who have scored more than 500 Marks in NEET 2022.

'SAFAL- Special Batch' also gives an opportunity to study NEET-2022 with same peer of dedicated and focused students.

Who Should Join?

  • An aspirant of NEET- 2023 who has scored in the past NEET exams or tentatively scoring more than 500 Marks in NEET-2022 from any institute who aspires to get in Top Ranks.
  • NEET Qualified student who has decided to repeat and is determined to scale new heights in NEET-2023.

Class Commencement : - 29th Aug 2022 & 12th September 2022

Course Features

  • Complete Coverage of Class XI & XII in Just one Year.
  • Classes will be taken by the senior most faculty team.
  • Teaching (Offline) for NEET.
  • Periodic Tests on NEET Pattern.
  • Daily Practice Problem (DPPs/Study Material (Exclusively Designed Sheet/ Modules).
  • Doubt Classes & Regular Home Work Checking.
  • Guided Preparation upto NEET 2023.
  • Dedicated Course Planner will be given.

Fee & Scholarship Details

Scholarship Criteria

  • Scholarship based on ResoNET.
  • Scholarship based on Board Exam Marks.
  • Scholarship based on Competitive Exam Performance.
  • To Know More Click Here

Scholarship Test Details

  • Online - 14-08-2022, 28-08-2022
  • Timing - Online - 11am to 01pm

Fee Structure For SAFAL Course

Course Total Fee (Inclusive of all taxes)
SAFAL 1,15,000

Last Date of Fee Deposition - 28th Aug 2022 & 11th September 2022

Note : FEE Structure as Rs. 11000/- only for SAFAL Course ( Students Score > 500 Marks)

Based on NEET 2022 Score

Scholarships Based on NEET (UG) - 2022 Score Scholarship (%) Fee for OFFLINE Classes (Fee: 1,15,000/-)#
Total Fees after S’ship Fee Benefit
>= 500 - 11000 -
>= 450 to < 499 90% 38050 76950
>= 400 to < 449 80% 46600 68400
>= 375 to < 399 70% 55150 59850
>= 350 to < 374 60% 63700 51300
>= 325 to < 349 50% 72250 42750
>= 300 to < 324 40% 80800 34200
All Qualified Students of NEET-2022 in Any Category 30% 89350 25650

What are the Course Benefits ?

Excellent Faculty

Outstanding and highly qualified faculty members who help students in every aspect of their study life

Computer Based Tests

Online tests will be conducted as per the new change in the pattern, for better practice of our students

Doubt Classes

1 on 1 doubt classes are conducted for students to provide them with customized solution

Daily Practice Problems

Designed for a student’s self-understanding of a topic. DPPs are handed over daily to the students for practice after every session

Periodic Tests

Periodic Tests are conducted regularly, allowing students to solve all kinds of questions asked in the competitive exams of JEE.

Orientation Classes

Orientation classes are conducted for students to motivate them and make them familiar with the institute.

Performance Tracker

Every student’s progress is tracked by giving a constant feedback on their performance in the tests.

Feedback System

Regular feedbacks are taken by the students in order to improve the learning process qualitatively and listen to all student’s queries.

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