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This course is designed for Class-12th Passed students and are aspiring for elite technical institutions ‘NITs’. This course is of keen interest to students who do not want to invest their 4 years in graduating from an average level of engineering institution rather they have the confidence and zeal to retake JEE in 2021 for a better deserving rank. Due to delay in conduction of JEE 2020 the AJAY course is starting a bit late in comparison to earlier academic sessions. Accordingly, the course pedagogy has been modified and designed by Resonance academia to coach the students in available next 6 months. The methodology is focussed on application of concepts through practice of problems, fundamental understanding of various topics in PCM and assessment at a National Level on periodic basis.

What is the duration of the course ?

  • Class Commencement Dates : - 11-July-22, 25-July-22, 8-August-22, 22-August-22

Fee & Scholarship Details

Scholarship Criteria

  • Scholarship based on ResoNET.
  • Scholarship based on Board Exam Marks.
  • Scholarship based on Competitive Exam Performance.

Scholarship Test Details

  • Online - 29-05-2022, 05-06-2022, 19-06-2022, 26-06-2022, 03-07-2022, 10-07-2022, 17-07-2022, 24-07-2022, 14-08-2022, 28-08-2022
  • Timing - Online - 11am to 01pm

Fee Structure For AJAY Course

Course Fee Admission Fee ( AF)
Study Material Fee (SMF) Non-Refundable I-Inst II-Inst
96,000 11,800 17,700 69,400 26,600

Last Date for deposition of Ist Installment - 10-July-22, 24-July-22, 7-August-22, 21-August-22

Last Date for deposition of IInd Installment - 09-September-2022, 23-September-2022, 07-October-2022, 21-October-2022

What are the Course Benefits ?

Excellent Faculty

Outstanding and highly qualified faculty members who help students in every aspect of their study life

Live Online Classroom Teaching

Classroom teaching in Online mode according to the course plan in a scheduled manner for systematic and sequential learning of entire syllabus

Recorded Video Lecture

Students can view and revise any lecture of any topic as and when required from the library of recorded video lectures.

Topic wise Online Tests

For a better conceptual learning students can attempt and gain perfection in all topics of PCM

Daily Practice Problems

Designed for a student’s self-understanding of a topic. DPPs would be provided in digital format to the students for practice

Study Material

Topic-wise study material (Both Digital & Print Copy) with all the key concepts, problems for practice and important questions are updated regularly.

Online Doubt Forum

Students can ask doubts and get them clarified in Online mode for errorless learning

Periodic Tests

Periodic Tests would be conducted as Computer Based Tests allowing students to solve all kinds of questions asked in the competitive exams of JEE.