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RESONite / Alumni Reference Reward Program

1. Refer Your friends & win Exciting Rewards

Reference Reward policy is a reward program for the Resonance’s current / Old students who wish to refer their friends / relatives for the Yearlong Classroom Contact Programs of Resonance in Academic Session 2023-24.

2. What RESONite / Alumni need to do

RESONite / Reso Alumni need to share the references of their friends/ relatives who are currently studying in Class IV to XII & wish to join Resonance in Academic Session 2023-24) in Yearlong Classroom Programs for 5th to 12th & 12th Passed for the preparation of JEE (Advanced), JEE (Main), NEET (UG), CA, CS, CLAT, CUET, Board, Olympiads, School exams preparation.

3. Rewards for RESONites (Existing / Alumni)

• If any of the referred student takes admission in the yearlong courses for the competitive examinations as mentioned above, RESONite / Reso Alumnus who has referred him/her will get Gift Vouchers worth upto Rs. 5000/- per admission / enrolment i.e. if 5 students referred by RESONite / Alumnus join Resonance, then they stand a chance to win Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 25000/-.

4. What Benefits referral will get?

• If the referred student fills Resonance’s application form for Yearlong courses (YCCPs) then the referred student will get a discount of Rs. 200 on Application form fee on YCCP Courses where the Application form fees is Rs. 500. For this, he / she needs to fill ONLINE application form & enter RESONite’s (Who referred him) Roll no. in the coupon code. For PCCP (Class 5th to 10th ) Division, the benefit on Application form fee will be Rs. 100/-.

• There is NO (Zero) Application Form fee in PSPD division so there will be no benefit in form fee in PSPD courses.

• Any student, who is referred by the existing / old RESONite joins Resonance in 2023-24 then he will also get scholarship / fee relaxation upto Rs. 5000/- on the total course fee. i.e. If a student wants to join VIKAAS Course of Resonance for JEE Advanced preparation for which the Course Fee in February month is Rs. 136000/- then he will be offered admission on Rs. 131000/- on which he /she can further avail scholarship through ResoNET / other scholarship criteria.

• Benefit in Course fee is different for different divisions which is explained in the table given below.

5. What referred student needs to do to get discount on form Fee & scholarship in Course Fee ?

At the time of filling Online application form, New student needs to fill existing / OLD RESONite’s Resonance Roll No. in Coupon code (Which can be seen in the ONLINE Application Form) to get the benefit in form fee & course fee.

Information of the RESONite / Alumnus


Information of the Reference Student

S.No.Student NameMobile NoClassTarget 

6. Financial benefit in Course Fee to a referred student in Offline courses

Division / Target Exam →
Date of Admission ↓
JEE (Advanced) / JEE (Main) / NEET (UG)
(Amount in Rs.)
Para Schooling Program Division (PSPD)
(Amount in Rs.)
Commerce & Law Program Division (CLPD))
& Pre Foundation Career Care Program (PCCP) Division
(Amount in Rs.)
Till 28th February 2023 5000 3000 2000
Between 1st March – 31st March 2023 4000 2000 1500
From 1st April 2023 Onwards 3000 1000 1000
Note : If student joins ONLINE Yearlong Courses of the above mentioned divisions then the amount of benefit will be halved.

7. How to Share the References

Existing / OLD RESONites can share the details of references through an Online Form given on Resonance’s website.

8. How to Get the Reward

Existing students who will share the references & if their references take admission then the RESONites (Existing / Old) will be rewarded with Gift vouchers by 15th Day of the Next Month in which the referred students have taken admission.

Example: If 4 students referred by RESONites join Offline course (2 in Feb. & 2 in March), then the RESONite who referred them will be eligible for Gift Vouchers of Rs. 18000/- (Rs. 5000 x 2 + 4000 x 2). Vouchers of Rs. 10000 will be provided to RESONite by 15th of March & Vouchers of Rs. 8000 by 15th April.

Those RESONites (Existing / OLD) who are not in KOTA will be rewarded with e-Vouchers should their referred students join the YCCP courses.

9. What if a RESONite’s Roll no. does not work

If you are a RESONite & your Roll no. which is used by a new student does not work & student does not get discount in Application form fee then ask the student to stop form filling & call us immediately on 0744-2777777, 2777700. We will update your roll no. and then your referenced student can continue filling the registration form and get the discount.

10. Important Points

1. All the details/ data of the students shared by Existing / OLD RESONite should be correct to claim any reward. Any wrong information will lead to NO Reward.

2. Student can not refer himself / herself.

3. Student of any Division (Classroom, Distance Learning), who have enrolled & deposited fee at Resonance in any session can refer his/her known for this program.

4. For Existing/OLD RESONite, rewards will be given in the form of Gift Vouchers the amount he/she is eligible for (As per the date of admission as mentioned above in the table).

5. For New student who is joining Resonance based on Existing / Old RESONite’s reference, the rewards will be in the form of relaxation/reduction in course fee as explained earlier.

6. Referenced student should be a new student i.e. he/she should not be studying in Resonance already.

7. Referenced student should not have already filled Resonance’s application form of Academic Session 2023-24.

8. Reference program & benefits will be applicable in YCCP (Yearlong Classroom Contact Program) of JEE (Advanced), JEE (Main) & NEET (UG) courses being offered for Classes XI, XII & XIII only. It will also be available in Yearlong courses of Commerce & Law Program Division (CLPD) & Para Schooling Program Division (PSPD) & Pre Foundation Career Care Program (PCCP) Division.

9. This Reference Reward program is applicable only at Kota, Alwar, Patna, Delhi, Udaipur & Ahmedabad Study Centres of Resonance.

10. RESONite / Alumni will be provided gift voucher only when the new/referred student deposits either 1st Installment or Full Fee (Whichever is Less).

11. If a student is referred by 2 or more RESONites (Existing / Old) & he/she takes admission in Resonance then the reward will be given to the RESONite whose Resonance roll no. has been mentioned by the new student in the coupon code field of Online Application Form.

12. The Existing / Old RESONite will be eligible for the Gift Vouchers only if he /she has given the reference of the new admission and the referenced student takes admission after that. If a new student uses the Reso Roll No. of RESONite & gets the discount / scholarship benefit and his /her name was not referred by the concerned RESONite earlier whose Roll no. was used by new student then the Existing / OLD RESONite will not be eligible for Gift Vouchers.

13. Students can give reference for any division as mentioned above in the table.

14. One of the Mobile nos. entered by the new student in the application form should match with the Mobile no. mentioned by RESONite/Alumni in the reference form.

15. Resonance Management reserves the rights to make any changes in the reference reward policy as per needs.