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School Tie-ups - Programmes

Course Introduction

Course Name Integrated Class Room Contact Program
Course Code ICCP
Course Duration From 1 to 7 Years
Medium of Instructions English
Classes VI – XII
Target CBSE and Competitive Examinations

Course Objectives

  1. To extend the benefit of expertise of Resonance in training to good and deserving students-wherever they are.
  2. To provide the benefit of highly researched and extensive course contents to students without additional requirement of time.
  3. To provide the benefit of tried, tested and proven teaching methodology to students.
  4. To save the students and their parents from botheration and inconvenience of commutation after normal school hours. (Student can utilize the saved time in more meaningful and productive manner.)

Course Concept & Course Content

The Course content of the program is:
  1. Highly focused
  2. Well Researched
  3. Extensive
  4. Prepared by exclusively devoted faculty
  5. Experienced in imparting coaching for various competitive examination especially for admission in various engineering and medical courses.
  6. (The entire course content is essentially based on the prescribed curriculum of CBSE and various Competitive Examinations.)
  7. The course material is prepared on a “roll-on” learning method juxtaposed to watertight chapter modules.
  8. Course content is so devised as to inspire the students to explore the fascinating world of science and mathematics at his own also.

Distinctive Features

  1. Course pioneered by India’s leading Education Training Centre- Resonance.
  2. Specialized Coaching/Training by subject experts of Resonance in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  3. Tried, trusted and tested teaching methodology of Resonance for coaching/training with a proven track record of giving 6928 selections in IIT-JEE since 2002 (through Classroom contact Programs-4423 & Distance Learning Programmes-2505).
  4. Regular Classroom supported by Systematic Class Notes, Comprehensive Study Material (Daily Practice Problems and Sheets), Adequate Home Work & its Discussion and Interactive Doubt Discussion Sessions.
  5. Periodic Assessment of knowledge/learning through the tests conducted by Resonance’s ‘Classroom Programmes Division’.
  6. Competitive exposure to vast group of students of Resonance, Classroom Contact Programmes (Approx. 20,000) and Distance Learning (approx. 10,000).
  7. Convenience of coaching in the same school where the student is studying for Class - VI–XII.
  8. Support of Resonance Distance Learning Programme Division and All India Test Series (AITS), for exposure to various Competitive Examination pattern.
  9. Comprehensive Course Content supporting student’s enhanced performance in Competitive Examinations apart from respective School/Board Examinations.
  10. Maintenance of individual student files to keep a track of student’s progress.

Course Structure

  1. Duration: 1 Year.
  2. Subjects to be taught: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  3. Syllabus Contents: Competitive Examinations and CBSE Board.
  4. Syllabus Exposure Level: Compétitive Examinations+CBSE.
  5. Time duration for each Academic Session:
    1. Total Teaching Hours: As allotted by School
    2. Duration of each lecture: One and half Hour or according to School
    3. Minimum 3 lectures per week in each subject.
    4. Duration of the course will be from April to March.
  6. Periodic Assessment:
    1. The Periodic Assessment will be done through Objective/Subjective Tests.
    2. The Tests are of many types in nature. These are Part Tests (PTs), Cumulative Tests (CTs), Major Tests (MTs), Open Tests (OTs).
    3. The frequency of the tests will be approx. once in a month.
    4. Some tests will be given locally and some will be taken on an All India Basis.
    5. The OTs, and some Tests shall be conducted along with Resonance’s All India Test Series (AITS) schedule under its Distance Learning Programmes Division (DLPD.)
  7. Study Material Support:
    1. Class/Lecture Notes: To be noted down by the students during the class.
    2. Sheet/Module: having some subject theory with solved/unsolved problems in a systematic way to cover the questions on various patterns asked in Competitive Examinations. It is similar to the students of DLPD (enriched compared to the students of classroom).
    3. Miscellaneous Question Bank (MQB): As extended part of the Sheet having jumbled problems of the topic.
  8. Test Papers:
  9. Resonance will make available the Test Papers for periodic assessments.

Fee Structure

  1. To be decided after mutual discussion-keeping in mind financial viability of the Project to Resonance as also capacity of the parents to bear it.