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Resonance Kota Online Learning Programs for Class 5 to 12+


  • Trust of 8.5 Lac+ students.
  • 47277 students qualified in IIT-JEE/JEE (Advanced) since 2002 [Classroom: 31748 | Distance: 15529].
  • 219 AIRs in Top-100 in IIT-JEE/JEE (Advanced) since 2002 [Classroom: 101 | Distance: 118].
  • 2.26 Lac+ students qualified in AIEEE/JEE (Main) since 2009 [Classroom: 164439 | Distance: 61622].
  • 126 AIRs in Top-100 in AIEEE/JEE (Main) since 2009 [Classroom: 51 | Distance: 75].
  • 16764 students qualified in AIPMT/NEET since 2012 [Classroom: 10511 | Distance: 6523].
  • 51 Medals in International Olympiads since 2006 [Classroom: 47 | Distance: 4].
  • 2972 KVPY Fellowship Winners since 2006 [Classroom: 1418 | Distance: 1554].

JEE (Advanced) 2020 result

Resonance produced Highest Number of Selections from Classroom from any institute of Kota

Total Selections: 4505 [Classroom: 3441 | Distance: 1064] | 4 AIRs in Top-30 and 5 AIRs in Top-50 from Classroom

In last 20 years, we have seen many CHANGES in exam pattern and admission policies but what has not changed, is consistent SUCCESS of our students. Because, we KNOW what is needed for cracking a competitive exam. Strong academic preparation, Innovative and rigorous practice, Calm temperament and a Zeal to win.

This Pandemic has again forced us to change in a major way. We adapted quickly and last year, we launched ResoSIR, our online learning platform. Through our hard-work, agility, innovation and feedback of students, ResoSIR has evolved into a mature system, which understands and adapts to real needs of students.

In ResoSIR, you learn from experienced faculty team of Resonance, study with printed (hard copy) study material and practice rigorously through our online tests and clarify your doubts in dedicated online sessions.

Online Learning Course (Target : JEE(Main+Advanced))

Class Course Name Course Fees Apply Online Details
IX (VIII to IX Moving) iWISDOM Rs 2,73,000 Apply Online
X (IX to X Moving) iWINNER Rs 2,19,000 Apply Online
XI (X to XI Moving) iVIKAAS Rs 75,000 Apply Online iVIKAAS
XII (XI to XII Moving) iVISHWAAS Rs 90,000 Apply Online iVISHWAAS
XIII (XII Passing/Passed) iVISHESH Rs 90,000 Apply Online iVISHESH

Online Learning Course (Target : JEE Main)

Class Course Name Course Fees Apply Online Details
XI (X to XI Moving) iABHINAV Rs 50,000 Apply Online iABHINAV
XII (XI to XII Moving) iAKHIL Rs 65,000 Apply Online iAKHIL
XIII (XII Passing/Passed) iABHYAAS Rs 65,000 Apply Online iABHYAAS

Online Learning Course (Target : NEET/AIIMS)

Class Course Name Course Fees Apply Online Details
XI (X to XI Moving) iSAKSHAM Rs 60,000 Apply Online iSAKSHAM
XII (XI to XII Moving) iSAMBHAV Rs 70,000 Apply Online iSAMBHAV
XIII (XII Passing/Passed) iSAMPOORN Rs 70,000 Apply Online iSAMPOORN

Online Learning Course (Target : Class VI to X)

I-Courses Targets Course Fees Apply Online
Class VI (iPHOTON) Olympiads Rs 25,000 Apply Online
Class VII (iPRECIOUS) Olympiads Rs 30,000 Apply Online
Class VIII (iPARADISE) Olympiads Rs 30,000 Apply Online
Class IX (iPIONEER) Pre-NTSE Rs 35,000 Apply Online
Class X (iPINNACLE) NTSE + Boards Rs 35,000 Apply Online
Note : New Batches are going to commence from 15st July 2021 onwards.

Self-Learning Course(S-Course)

Resonance’s Self-Learning Course (S-Course) has been, it provides flexibility & control to specially designed with an aiming so that students may continue their learning from their own pace. In this course, students will get the recorded lectures of Experts. More overview a lecture or repeat as they need in their own time. This is the most convenient learning style of Digital Program.

Course Features

  • Recorded Video Lectures
  • Digital Study Material
  • Online Testing Platform
S-Courses Targets Course Fees Apply Online Details
Class VI (sPHOTON) Olympiads Rs 10,000 Apply Online sPHOTON
Class VII (sPRECIOUS) Olympiads Rs 10,000 Apply Online sPRECIOUS
Class VIII (sPARADISE) Olympiads Rs 15,000 Apply Online sPARADISE
Class IX (sPIONEER) Pre-NTSE Rs 15,000 Apply Online sPIONEER
Class X (sPINNACLE) NTSE + Boards Rs 15,000 Apply Online sPINNACLE

Here you Get

Live Classes by Resonance Faculty (Replica of Offline Classes)
Recorded Lectures to revise (You can see lectures multiple times)
Online/Printed Study Material (Reduces screen time and student studies in with Pen & Paper)
Online Periodic Tests (Questions framed and arranged by faculty team with an experience of coaching top rankers in JEE & NEET)
Doubt Discussion Forum (ease of asking a doubt and getting a quick reply)
Most importantly our Online Learning Programs offer the flexibility to continue in Online mode or switch to Offline Learning mode at a nominal cost