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Resonance PCCP is hunting for some proficient spellers through SPELLDOWN. This is a competition to test your spelling skills through interesting rounds of questions like forming words from jumbled letters, image-based questions, spelling errors, and many more.

Students from any part of the world can take part in SPELLDOWN 2022. All the students studying in class III to X are eligible for the competition. The competition is going to be held in online mode.


  • Encourage students to explore and study the English language and its roots;
  • Help students to learn to spell quickly, accurately and with comprehension;
  • Promote students' knowledge of proper word usage; encourage students to strive for excellence in spelling skills and other educational pursuits; and
  • Provide an opportunity for students to meet and compete with their peers in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.


Spelling bee, also called spelling match, or spelldown, contest or game in which players attempt to spell correctly and aloud words assigned them by an impartial judge. Competition may be individual, with players eliminated when they misspell a word and the last remaining player being the winner, or between teams, the winner being the team with the most players remaining at the close of the contest. 

The spelling bee is an old custom that was revived in schools in the United States in the late 19th century and enjoyed a great vogue there and in Great Britain. In the United States, local, regional, and national competitions continue to be held annually.

Resonance is one such institute that has been organizing this competition in offline mode since 2016.

This year we have decided to take this competition to 'ONLINE MODE' named as "SPELLDOWN- 2022"

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Elimination Stage Contest Date:

Class Contest Dates Timings Mode
Class-3, Class-4 22 July 2022 3:30pm to 6:30pm Online
Class-5, Class-6 26 July 2022 3:30pm to 6:30pm Online
Class-7, Class-8 28 July 2022 3:30pm to 6:30pm Online
Class-9, Class-10 30 July 2022 3:30pm to 6:30pm Online

Download Sample Paper:

Class Download Class Download
Class 3 Click Class 4 Click
Class 5 Click Class 6 Click
Class 7 Click Class 8 Click
Class 9 Click Class 10 Click

Elimination Stage:
This is the most crucial step to become a ‘SpellDown Champ’

This stage will be conducted in 5 phases -

  • Phase 1 - in the month of April 2022
  • Phase 2 - in the month of May 2022
  • Phase 3 - in the month of June 2022
  • Phase 4 - in the month of July 2022
  • Phase 5 - in the month of August 2022

Any participant willing to be a part of SpellDown can appear in the elimination stage phases only once from the above- mentioned dates.

This part will consist of 2 rounds -

Round 1 - Qualifier round
In this stage, the participants will answer an objective pattern quiz in the minimum time possible.
The top 15 participants on the leaderboard will get a chance to test his / her knowledge in our next stage.

Round 2 - Rapid Fire
All the top 15 scorers from the round 1 will be asked a set of 10 questions each in a span of 1 minute.
The top 5 scorers of this round (Rapid Fire) will combat in our last round.

The Final Battle:
This stage is going to be held on 22nd December 2022 with group wise winners of Stage-1

All the top 5 scorers after the successful completion of each phase will finally try to trounce his / her opponents to become the ultimate ‘SpellDown Champion’.

This is the final stage of SPELLDOWN Competition. Participants will play 2 rounds in this stage.

Round 1 - Rapid Fire
Every participant will be asked different set of questions in a span of one minute. Each correct answer will add plus points and each wrong answer will give minus marking. Participants have to keep their video camera ‘On’ and their position still in front of the screen.

Round 2 - Spelling Combat
All the participants will see some questions on the screen which will be of different types. This round will be like a buzzer round.
The highest Five aggregate scorers at the end of ‘The Final Battle’ will be chosen as winners.


  • Participants can attempt SPELLDOWN Competition from home.
  • Good Internet Connectivity is required
  • ZOOM Application is required
  • Preferred Device- Laptop/PC/Tablet with a wider screen
  • Headset/Earphones with Mic & Web Camera

Prizes and Certificates:

  • Participants qualified for Round-2 of stage-1 will be awarded with E-Certificates.
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th runner up will be awarded with Gift Vouchers of Rs.500
  • 1st runner up will be awarded with Gift Voucher of Rs.1000
  • Winner will get Gift Voucher of Rs.1500