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Resonance - VARDAAN Scholarship Program

What is VARDAAN ? (Click Here)

It is a special scholarship program by Resonance which is applicable for the PCCP and Winner- Wisdom courses for the students who are moving to class 8th, 9th and 10th, can appear in ResoFAST exam which will be followed by an interview, to win this scholarship which will be valid for all the following classes and all the courses of the students currently studying in.

Fee is to be paid only once for 5 years for the students of class 8, 4 years for class 9 and 3years for class 10, as per different provisions under the scholarship gained through VARDAAN Scheme to study in Resonance till class 12th.

Who can appear ? (Click Here)

The students who are moving to class- VIII, IX and X.

How to appear ? (Click Here)

Through ResoFAST exam on the following dates which will be followed by an interview.
11 & 18 February 2018 (Valid for few study centers)

Who are eligible for Interview round ? (Click Here)

The Students who score more than 75% marks (from each Class) with minimum cut-off marks in each subject are qualified for an interview.

Who will be entitle for the scholarship ? (Click Here)

The students who score more than 75% marks in test + interview, are eligible for admission under VARDAAN Scholarship program.

What is the structure and Syllabus of test paper ? (Click Here)

Subject Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology Mental Ability
Number of Questions 25 10 10 10 15
Question Sequence Q1 to Q25 Q26 to Q35 Q36 to Q45 Q46 to Q55 Q56 to Q70

Moving to Class VIII

Integer Measurement General Chemistry Nutrition In Plant Number-Series
Rational Numbers Heat Fibre To Fabric Weather Climate And Adaptation Alphabet-Series
Triangle Motion And Time Acids, Bases & Salts Transportation Letter Repeating-Series
Exponent Sound   Nutrition In Animals Missing Term In Figures
Fraction & Decimal     Respiration Alphabet-Test
Lines And Angles       Direction Sense Test
Congruency Of Triangle       Mathematical Operations
Algebraic Expressions       Ranking Ordering Test

Moving to Class IX

Squares & Square Roots Force Synthetic Fibres And Plastics Crop Production & Management Number-Series
Cubes & Cube Roots Pressure Metals And Non-Metals Micro-Organism Friend & Foe Alphabet-Series
Linear Equation In One Variable Friction   Conservation Of Plants & Animals Letter Repeating-Series
Quadrilaterals Sound Wave   Cellular Level Of Organization Missing Term In Figures
Playing With Numbers       Mathematical Operations
Algebraic Expressions       Alphabet-Test
Algebraic Identities       Coding-Decoding
        Direction Sense Test
        Seating Arrangement
        Blood Relations
        Puzzle Test
        Venn Diagram
Moving to Class X Number System Motion Matter In Our Surrounding Fundamental Unit Of Life Number-Series
Coordinate Geometry Force And Laws Of Motion Is Matter Around Us Pure Tissue Alphabet-Series
Congruent Triangles Gravitation   Improvement In Food Resources Missing Term In Figures
Polynomials       Coding-Decoding
Lines And Angles       Direction Sense Test
Heron’s Formula       Seating Arrangement
        Puzzle Test
        Calendar Test

* NO Negative Marking

What is the pattern of Interview ? (Click Here)

  • Questions based will be based on the academic part from the respective class.
  • Past Academic performance in school & competitive exams.
  • Performance/Participation in extracurricular activities like dancing, acting, singing or any other creative activities.
  • Performance / Participation in sports and games.
  • Goal clarity.
  • Personality and Attitude.
  • Decision making skills (Case Study).

What are the VARDAAN Schemes ? (Click Here)

SCHEME CRITERIA ( Test + Interview)
VARDAAN - 1 Above 90% marks in Interview + test
VARDAAN - 2 Above 80% marks and less than 90% marks in Interview + test
VARDAAN - 3 Above 75% marks and less than 80% marks in Interview + test

What is the Fee structure ? (Click Here)

Scheme Total Fee without GST Total Fee with GST + Caution Money 1st Installment
2 December 2017
2nd Installment
16 June 2018
3rd Installment
29 December 2018
VARDAAN 1 Rs 49000/- Rs 59820/- Rs 59820/- NA NA
VARDAAN 2 Rs 99000/- Rs 118820/- Rs 75000/- Rs 43820/- NA
VARDAAN 3 Rs 149000/- Rs 177820/- Rs 80000/- Rs 45000/- Rs 52820/-

Class Number of Years Enrollment Year Valid till
VIII 5 Academic Years 2018-19 2022-23
IX 4 Academic Years 2018-19 2021-2022
X 3 Academic Years 2018-19 2020-2021

What are the Terms and Conditions ? (Click Here)

1) Students who are appearing in ResoFast should try to score above the minimum cut-off marks in each subject to eligible for the merit list.
2) Students scoring above 75% marks will be called for an interview on the basis of marks scored in the test & Interview, they will be offered the scholarship of VARDAAN.
3) The interview will be headed by a panel of Resonance experts and their decision will be the final one.
4) The final discretion of awarding the scholarship will be taken care by the management of Resonance.
5) Students who have already been awarded with the VARDAAN scholarship in the last session, can appear in the upcoming ResoFAST to evaluate their current level of preparation. However, they will not be entitled for any further scholarships.
6) A student will not be entitled for any kind of scholarship but for the rewards in the future classes.
7) The rate of GST is subjected to revision by Govt. of India. Hence the rate of GST may increase or decrease in future & will be passed to the students accordingly.
8) The students will be informed at appropriate time about the same in case govt. of India announces any change.
9) Any dispute at any study center will be subjected to Kota jurisdiction only.
10) The scholarship is valid for few centers only which are Agra, Allahabad, Aurangabad, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Delhi, Gwalior, Indore, Jaipur, Jabalpur, Jodhpur, Kota, Lucknow, Nashik, Patna, Raipur, Rajkot, Ranchi, Surat, Udaipur and Vadodara.
11) Refund Rule :

Percentage (%) amount of deduction
(from the prescribed date of commencement of classes)
Zero Week
(Before Commencement of classes)
4th Week 8th Week 16th week 32th week
I- Installment 10% 25% 50% No refund No refund
II- Installment* 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 50.00% No refund
III- Installment* 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% No refund

Note :
The date of commencement of classes will be considered as mentioned in the leaflet.
The application for refund of fee after the due date of respective installment would be entertained only if installment is paid before the last date of deposition.