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Welcome Words by Manoj Sharma – Executive Director, Resonance

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma
Executive Director, REL

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma

Dear Aspirant,,

Welcome to Resonance, the place where dreams are made reality. My heartiest congratulations to you for exhibiting the aspiration to be successful in competitive examination and enlist your name as an alumnus of elite institutes of India. From last 17 years we have been an important participant in the success journey of thousands of students. We work upon the simple philosophy ‘Student’s First’, it guides us through in our decisions and work culture. With complete and correct understanding of what is right for you and how to do it, we have been progressing ahead.

Competition for selection is undoubtedly tough but yet achievable; you need to be disciplined, perseverant and committed towards your aim. Our pedagogy of different divisions is designed and developed keeping in mind the requisites of those particular examinations which that division is offering. The team and system of Resonance is very well equipped to adapt and fulfil any change in the testing pattern. Our results have proven that for us, despite of any change in pattern our students continued to get success in an increasing magnitude.

The academic team and system of Resonance are driven by values with an absolute focus on each and every single student. Regularity, Revision and Practice are the three simple words to be always kept in mind when preparing for an examination, be it now or later.

We, once again welcome you on-board to work towards accomplishing the goal. We together can and we together will succeed.

Best of luck
Manoj Kumar Sharma
PGPMAX (Executive MBA)-ISB Hyderabad,
B.Tech. (DT), MBA, M.S., MSW, MID, MA (J&MC),
MDPM & IR, ADM (AIMA) & Ph.D. (Pursuing)