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Resonance - Co-academic services

Any Time Marks (ATM)

A digital touch screen computer panel is installed in Resonance’s premises for students/ parents to view academic progress, attendance status and other relevant information relevant to students need.

Student Satisfaction Survey(SSS)

Student Satisfaction Survey is conducted 3-4 times during the academic session to measure the academic performance of the faculty members individually and that of department (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as a whole) on various parameters. The results are analyzed and used giving inputs to enhance the output of both students and faculty members.

Motivation Classes

To keep motivated the students on periodically basis, motivation classes are conducted. These classes are help to students to ease the stress and pressure from the mind. It is generally conducted by the HODs or subjects experts.

Study Material & Home Assignment

Study material is provided to the students in the form of Sheets and MQBs. A Sheet is typically a topic wise collection of problems in each subject i.e. P, C, M and B. It is provided to the students as printed Study Material (topic wise). The objective of the Sheet is to achieve perfection in a topic while it is being taught through rigorous practice of variety of problems of various levels. The entire syllabus of approximately divided into 25 to 30 Sheets in each subject. The contents of the Sheet ends with Miscellaneous Question Bank (MQB) - which is a set of additional but jumbled problems and is meant for those students who want more problems to practice. After each Theory Class; the student is assigned to attempt some problems from the Sheet (keeping in mind around 15 Questions Per Lecture Per Subject) as Home Work. Further, these problems are discussed in the successive Theory Class for better understanding of the concepts/ fundamentals of the portion of topic taught in the previous class.

Introductory Class

Introductory class are conducted to the students who are new to resonance with the objective to make them aware about Resonance, its system, IITs & IIT-JEE and general Dos & Don’ts . classes is taken by HODs & subject exerts.


We take special care for the students through our regular calling system; faculty and staff members regularly meet, interact and motivate the students towards achievement of their carrer goals. The academic, co-academic staff take care of the students' personal problems by listening to them and by taking appropriate measures.

Psychological Facility

The Institute runs free psychological consultation facility to take care of students’ to assist students in achieving to their potential & aim, health and subsequent loss of studies. The Psychologist works with staff in planning and delivering programs such as student mentoring, study skills, transition, positive peer relations and life skills