NEET 2019 Result- Students of Resonance Ahmedabad performed brilliantly

NEET 2019 Result- Students of Resonance Ahmedabad performed brilliantly

In the recently announced result of NEET-UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) 2019, Classroom Students of Resonance Ahmedabad Study Centre performed exceptionally well.

From the result collected by now, 5 Classroom Students scored above 550 marks in NEET 2019, RESONite Kismat M Purohit scored 592 marks, K Jayashree scored 581 marks, Sushmitadeep Singh scored 576 marks, Parth Zala scored 560 marks, Aanchal Singh scored 559 marks. 

The Centre Head of Resonance Ahmedabad Study Centre informed that "the selection Ratio in NEET 2019 from Ahmedabad Study Centre is 94%. Which is one of the best performances in NEET 2019 from Ahmedabad City".
If we talk about the National Result of Resonance in NEET 2019. 3692 students are qualified in NEET out of which 2259 are from Classroom Program and 1433 are from Distance Learning Program.
Resonance Classroom Student Thomas Verghese Pannicker secured All India Rank- 228. Another Classroom Students Avanish Harish secured All India Rank- 302 while Leena has secured All India Rank- 350.

Other Achievers who secured All India Rank in Top 1000 from classroom programs are Nayan Gupta- AIR 614, Abhishek Sadhu- AIR 730, Chera Lathan M- AIR 798, Radhika Gupta AIR- 836 & Abhishek Mishra- AIR 883.

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