Course Concept (Click Here)

This is our specially designed courses for our students to improve their marks and rank in JEE Advanced 2018. This is the fastest course amongst all the Year Long Classroom Contact Programmes for JEE(Main+Advanced) available at Resonance.

Course Content (Click Here)

  • Regular Classroom Coaching.
  • 90 minutes lecture which is further divided into DPP discussion of 15 min, Sheet Discussion of next 30 minutes & theoretical and conceptual learning of last 45 minutes.
  • Lectures per subject per week.
  • Total 516 lectures (approx. 172 lectures in each Course) in entire course.
  • Approximately 774 hours of Classroom Teaching.
  • Periodic Test is conducted once in a month in the form of Part Test & Cumulative Test.
  • Regular conduction of Doubt Classes.
  • Provide knowledge of highest level related to fundamentals and concepts, best possible guidance, speed, accuracy, balanced evaluation of performance on periodic basis, test temperament and right kind of competition.
  • Conduction of JPTs & APTs give the feel of actual examination to the students.

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