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Study Material Package
IIT-JEE, AIEEE (201 1, 2012)

  • It provides study material for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the form of booklets.
  • The booklets contains topic wise theory part, solved exercise followed by unsolved exercise with answer key and solution of 30 % - 40 % of the unsolved problems.
  • There are three dispatches on alternate months. Dispatch of the material is synchronized with the test schedule of All India T est Series which helps student to be prepared for the topics to be asked in the forthcoming test.

All India Test Series
IIT-JEE (201 1, 2012), AIEEE (201 1)

  • It is a perfect blend Part syllabus test, Full syllabus T est , Open T ests, JEE Preparatory T ests and AIEEE preparatory test.
  • It has countrywide coverage through 27 Confirmed T est Centres.
  • It provides All India Ranking to students of Live T est Series along with the students of classroom contact programmes in 12 cities.
  • Unique Macro & Micro analysis is provided in the Open T est which reveals the strength / weakness of the student in particular areas.
  • It provides a set of postal Practice T est Papers besides the full T est Series.
  • AITS T est Schedule & Syllabus wil lbe available in AITS Information leaflet & on website (
  • It is available in three mode : Live, Online and Postal.
    • Live Mode : In this mode test are conducted in test centres of Resonance in a simulated IIT -JEE environment.
    • Online Mode : It provide facility to appear in test at home / Internet shop.
    • Postal Mode : In this all test papers along with the answer key & solutions are sent at home by post.

SMS Service to know results of AITS
SMS RESO DRS Roll. No. at 56677

Revision Package : IIT-JEE

Rank Booster
(VIVIDH) Target-IIT-JEE 2011 It offers a meticulous collection of over 4000 problems (over 1000 in Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry each) to be attempted in such a manner that the entire IIT -JEE syllabus is revised in just three-weeks covering each topic, almost all the concepts and through problems of different variety and levels. It can certainly help a student in boosting his/her All India Rank (AIR) in IIT -JEE. As it is a revision package it is provided to the students in last week of January.

Ready Reckoner
It contains compendium of Important Concepts and Formulae and a Weightage Analysis Sheet of last 10-Years papers in all the three subjects (Unit/T opic-wise).